Jerome Ponce, ‘Katips’ actor, saw ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Because of this, Jerome Ponce has been trending on social media

Actor Jerome Ponce, one of the cast members of the film catipswatched her rival film Maids in MalacañangDirector and writer Darryl Yap shared a post about it.

Jerome’s film, directed by Vince Tanada, was originally made as a stage play, Katips: New Katipunerosin 2016. His character Greg is a medical student and the chairman of the National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP).

Jerome Ponce
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The story revolved around what happened to activists during martial law. However, during a press conference on this film, based on the article in PUSH, Direk Vince said that this does not necessarily mean that the film is an anti-BBM or an anti-Marcos film.

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Direk Vince also said that he really intended to release his film on the same day that the Maids in Malacanang will be published. Both films hit theaters on August 3rd. Directed by Direk Darryl Yap, the film was intended to show the human emotions the Marcoses had during their final 72 hours Malacanang before being forced to leave.

Direk Darryl emphasized in interviews that there was no revisionism in the film he made, unlike the accusation from the anti-Marcos camp. Amid the competition between the two films, the controversial director shared a post from Facebook user Christine Laparan Policarpio.

The photo showed Jerome Ponce and his girlfriend Sachzna Laparan, who is also one of the cast members of catipslooked MiM. “Thanks for checking out Sachzna Laparan and Jerome Ponce, both actors in the movie Katips,” the director wrote in the caption of his post.

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Sachzna commented on this post shared by the controversial director. “Ganda Ng Movie! Congratulations!” she wrote. This comment the actress wrote has now had over 4,000 reactions.

What can you say about that?

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