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After 11 years as husband and wife, popular celebrity couple Noh Hujan and Mizz Nina, who is also a humanitarian activist, finally ended in divorce.

The dvka news was shared by Noh or his full name Mohammad Noh Salleh in an Instagram post today.

According to the singer of the group Hujan, the decision was made after weighing many aspects before parting amicably.

“After trying and thinking a lot, we agreed to part ways amicably,” he said.

According to him, he and Nina have been blessed with a journey full of beautiful moments of falling and rising together.

“Peace be with you. Nina (wife) and I would like to make an important announcement. After various challenges and discussions, we finally agreed to separate and go our own way.

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“Alhamdulillah, we are thankful for the opportunity to live a wonderful life for 11 years and face different challenges, fall and rise together.

“We want to say a thousand thanks to the supporters who have shown us so much support and love over the years. Don’t worry, we’re still friends and good,” he said again.

He added that everything that happened was already written and decreed by Allah SWT and asked for prayers for their best life afterward.

“We can only plan, but God decides. Please pray that we can live during Eid time.

“I really appreciate that you guys respect both of our privacy,” he wrote.

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In the same post, he also uploaded a photo of himself on the beach with Nina, who was seen holding her son Musa.

Artist friends also comment enthusiastically

That really surprised everyone. At the same time, Mizz Nina also uploaded the same status and picture as her ex-husband Noh Hujan.

Meanwhile there has been plenty of support from fellow artists including a collection by Fedrri Yahya for Mizz Nina.

We pray for the best

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