Is British rapper Slim dead? Wounded to Death TikTok Video: True or False? real name dude, locked up?

Is British rapper Slim dead? Wounded to Death TikTok Video: True or False? real name Age, Jailed?- British rapper Slim’s comments in his Tiktok video said he was wounded to death. How about we see if the reports are valid or scams?

Essentially, he’s a gifted South London rapper who grew up in a rough neighborhood. His singles like Different, Again and Again and Touring helped him stay the center of attention.

The rapper mainly uses background music in his music, which makes his music more distinctive than his companions.

He is then an enthusiastic, centered individual whose Still Working collection has done very well in the UK market.

Is British rapper Slim dead? Wounded to Death TikTok Video: True or False?
The TikTok remarks appear to be misleading as the British rapper has guaranteed fans he is not dead.

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In this way it has all the hallmarks of a trick. Whatever the case, there is actually hearsay about the rapper’s death.

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The London rapper was jailed for a very long time. He was arrested on his property for drugs in 2018.

MC Slim was jailed in June 2019 after the referee’s choice.

He also returned from prison on January 29, 2021 after serving time. Anyway, as of around 2019, he stopped delivering music.

He is also said to have been cut or shot while driving. Anyway, the British rapper has made himself available on his Instagram story to explain his situation to people in general.

In any case, it seems that his post and story were quickly deleted as it is currently not possible to verify if the rapper is in any condition.

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Rapper SLIM real name
Thin’s real name is not known. He is known as MC Slim and his Instagram name is @Slimofficial1, but the handyman has not revealed his full name.

Thin, who is pushing his collection, actually worked earlier in 2019 before he was
In addition, the craftsman is one of the convincing underground rappers with strong potential for standard. The rapper said he’s been rapping since he was 10 years old.

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In addition, his rap single “Sorcery” was a triumph that garnered many perspectives on Youtube, but he was unable to draw any definite conclusions from his music.

Thus the craftsman, inadequate in relation to a superior recording of his music, became despondent in discharging his obligation to his companion. He cleared away medicines on his property and left Bars in the lurch.

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Rapper SLIM Age
The handyman is in his 20s. He is around 22-25 years old. MC Slim is a certified craftsman with loyal fans and allies to his honor.
According to Plugsville, the rapper said he doesn’t take music seriously as he doesn’t see any meaningful results in his music.

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Especially in 2018 and 2019 he was seriously looking at music and contributing his work and assurance to deliver his collections.

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All in all, his Still Working collection is by any measure one of the critical hits to have stuck with fanatics of British drill and grime rap music.

Why was rapper SLIM jailed?
Thin was imprisoned for a very long time after being caught with an enormous number of drugs on his property. The judge persistently paid attention to his case, making sense of starting medication.

Subsequently, the handyman received a lighter sentence after helping the judge and the police. Also, the British rapper expects to deliver the tunes he failed to deliver during his stay in the prison cell.

The British rapper’s music is generally associated with his feelings, indignation and hatred, which can be very well deciphered in his rap songs.

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