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After the problem with radio host Fizi Ali, it also caught the attention of comedian Shahrol Shiro, who urged radio station Suria FM to be more professional.

His sharing also displeased a friend who is also a member of Shiro’s group, Ajak Shiro, who questioned Shahrol’s actions in making such a statement.

Ajak’s comment was answered by Shahrol, who addressed his retirement by opening up Suria FM for a living after serving at Hot FM.

Citing mStar Online, Ajak described Shahrol’s touching statement of his resignation giving way to alimony as an arrogant person.

Ajak said he hadn’t had contact with his bandmates at Maharajalawak for many years.

“But when he comments that his setback is a source of sustenance for me and my family, I think his phrase is like believing he is God. That’s the mark of an arrogant person when they feel too useful,” he said.

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“The fact is, the first day I left Hot FM, I got an offer to join Suria. I’ve spoken to people and apologized for not being able to join Suria because if Shahrol’s picture came out they would post my picture and she’s not pretty,” he said.

Ajak once again said he received an offer from Suria FM as soon as he left the old radio station but decided to become unemployed because of his boyfriend.

“While I don’t even have to think about his problem. But think about politics, my friend, I’ve decided to put Shahrol out of a job instead of taking your place.

“Don’t think that this is your place, you don’t realize that this place is already occupied by Fara Fauzana, there are other people’s names, after that I entered.

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“I also ask Suria not to continue the lawsuit because of your old problem. The fact is that I only came to Suria after a year that you left.

“It’s different than what you did to me when we got an offer early in my career, friend. They said we shouldn’t accept it. I believe what you say, and I turn down radio invitation number one. Apparently you accepted the invitation with someone else,” he said.

Through the interview, Ajak apologized for having to turn up an old story because he no longer wanted to be trampled on and he was no longer a kid to play with.

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“I’m sorry I had to open all this up, but I don’t think I have to respect the person who stepped on my head. What he doesn’t even look at is that my wife is his sister and my children are his nieces. I said it’s enough to get here.

“Shahrol, enough of these rambling answers. I’m not a little boy. In the past maybe 25 26 I’ve been silent. Now I’m 37 years old, I need all this rest. So my advice to all of you, don’t be flattered that you’ve already risen to the top. Think about it,” he said.

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