HP explodes in Ciamis, 9-year-old child victim dies

Telset.id, Jakarta – The cell phone blast incident occurred in Ciamis, West Java. Worse than this incident, the cell phone exploded, killing a 9-year-old boy as a result of the incident.

Based on the information the team has The telephone on Friday (05/08/2022), an explosion occurred in Kiarapayung village, Rancah district, Ciamis Regency, West Java on Wednesday (03/08/2022).

According to Kiarapayung village head Dedi, the boy, with the initials IHM, came home from school at 2:00 p.m. WIB last Wednesday. Then the victim’s mother, with the initials R, went out to buy food for her child.

While waiting for his mother to come home, the hapless boy decided to play with his smartphone in the living room while his smartphone was being charged. The boy was playing on the tiles in the living room, to be precise, without a mat.

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The mobile phone that allegedly exploded while charging (Photo: Kompas.com)

Half an hour later, the mother came home and saw that her son was unconscious. At first, R’s mother thought her son was sleeping because he was lying on his stomach. When his body was turned over and examined, it turned out that his son had died.

“When the victim’s mother returned home, the victim was found dead. The position is obscured,” Dedi said, as quoted by Antara The telephone out Kompas.comThursday (8/4/2022).

Dedi suspected the victim had fallen asleep while playing games on his cellphone, with the cellphone resting on his chest. The reason was burns on the victim’s chest and neck on the right side.

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Meanwhile I don’t feel any signs on the HP charging cable. It just seems that the battery has detached from the smartphone in a convex state.

“Physically, the HP charger is still good. However, the battery was removed from the phone and the condition is convex,” Dedi continued.


This child was buried by the family. It is not yet known what type of smartphone the child was using, and there were no witnesses who saw Wednesday’s cell phone explosion incident.

Although the brand of the mobile phone is not mentioned, the photos shown show that the mobile phone is used with the Samsung brand. However, it is not known which series of Samsung phones exploded.

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This is not the first time this has happened as there have been several cases of cell phones exploding while charging. Given the frequency of similar cases, we recommend not using the mobile phone while the battery is charging. [NM/HBS]