How to zoom out like a ninja without video editing

How to disappear on zoom like a ninja without editing – Currently, the Corona Virus 19 pandemic is hitting Indonesia and even the world. In this pandemic, there are many activities that need to be done at home. One of them is teaching and learning activities and work that needs to be done online/virtually. Of course, through the online study and work, we need an application called zoom meeting.

Simultaneous video calls can be made with colleagues and lecturers via the application. Of course, studying or working online makes it very boring, so quite a few of them disappear when they are on the phone in zoom meetings.

We often come across users of the Zoom meeting application who disappear with ninja moves. Many of them are therefore also wondering how to disappear like a ninja in the Zoom application.

It turns out that this is not very difficult for you. You can try if you take classes on Zoom. Here will review how to easily disappear on zoom and see the steps below.

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How to disappear on Zoom

How to zoom out like a ninja without video editing

There are many ways you can disappear while teaching in this zoom meeting using a smoke like a ninja or naruto. The method requires editing the missing video first, then using the video for the virtual background.

However, we won’t be using it, so we’ll provide a method without you having to edit anything first. So for those of you who are not really into video editing, you can also disappear like Naruto or Ninja if you take classes on Zoom.

How to disappear on zoom like a ninja without editing

We’re going to explore how to disappear into a Zoom meeting like a ninja using a PC or laptop. This is because to do this you need to use the OBS application, which you cannot run on a smartphone device.

Below are the steps to disappear in Zoom Meeting:

  1. First, open the browser on the PC or laptop you are using, and then download the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) software from the page.
  2. You also need to download OBS Virtual Cam from
  3. Next, install OBS and also the OBS virtual camera that you downloaded earlier.
  4. After that, prepare the background that will appear when you disappear. The background can be a photo of the location where you are hosting the Zoom meeting. But you don’t have to be in the photo.
  5. Next, prepare a Smoked Green Screen, you can get it on Youtube with the keyword “Smoke Green Screen”.
  6. Open the OBS application, then you can add a video capture device in scene 1, then set the size of the capture device that appears, and then lock the scene device.
  7. In scene 2 you add a background photo of you meeting and then lock the scene.
  8. After that, add the smoked green screen that you downloaded on YouTube.
  9. You remove the green background on the smoke by tapping the filter, then selecting the chroma key, and then locking the smoke scene.
  10. Tap on the setting, tap on hotkeys, after that in the 1st scene set the switch on scene to number 1, then also in the second scene set the switch on scene to number 2.
  11. Hotkeys settings in scene switching are useful to switch scenes with one keystroke on the keyboard.
  12. Then click on the Tools menu at the top, then on the Virtual Camera and then on the Start button.
  13. If yes then go to the zoom meeting then you can do ninja moves if you really want to look like ninja moves.
  14. After performing ninja moves you can press key 2 on the keyboard. With that, the smoke appears and you disappear.
  15. To reappear in the Zoom meeting, you can then press the 1 key on the keyboard.
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The last word

This is an overview of how to just disappear on Zoom. You can only use this method to chat with friends or avoid it when you are bored. Hopefully the above review can help you find or answer a way on how to disappear on zoom.