How to unlock bootloader on all types of Xiaomi smartphones

Cara unlock bootloader – Bootloader can be unlocked on all Xiaomi phones. Including Redmi Note 3, Redmi 4x, Redmi 5a, Redmi 5 Plus and many more. The way to open the bootloader in different types is also the same, it can be done on the computer without any errors.

Xiaomi has become one of the most successful smartphones by the public. It is not without reason that Xiaomi is really a mobile phone provider that offers high specifications at low prices.

But since the end of 2015, all Xiaomi smartphones enabled in the bootloader have been blocked for security reasons.

Well, this time we offer an easy way to unlock recent bootloader. Before that, we need to know in advance what are the pros and cons of the bootloader.

Cara bootloader unlock xiaomi

Request bootloader unlock

The first step before performing UBL is that we need to get Xiaomi approval.

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Cara request to unlock the bootloader:

Unclock bootloader
  • Sign in with Mi Account. But first change the language to English. Click on the English text below.
Unclock bootloader 1
  • If we are not registered on the Mi Forums, you will be asked to enter an alias. Fill in the title as you like, but do not use spaces and characters. Then click Activate.
  • Next, we will be redirected to the Mi Forum in Chinese. Ignore it, go back to Then click Open Now.
  • Fill out the form correctly. You will need to enter your name and mobile number and the reason you want to unlock the bootloader. (If we don’t find this page, or go directly to the Mi Mi download page. First clear the cache in our browser or use another browser.)
  • Jika demikian, centang “I confirm that I have read and accept the unlock disclaimer”. Kemudian click Apply now.
  • Wait for the message to confirm this number. So make sure that the mobile number we entered is active.
  • Then enter the verification code we received in the space provided. Then click Next.
  • Our application will then be checked first. Wait a few days for us to receive SMS clearance to unlock bootloader.
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Cara unlock bootloader

After receiving a notification of an SMS with permission to unlock the bootloader, do the following:

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Cara bootloader unlock xiaomi

  1. Download

    Download Mi Unlock Tools first here with a computer.

  2. Extract app

    After the download completes, extract the application.

  3. Run the app

    Then run the Miflash_Unlock.exe application execute as administrator

  4. Login to MI account

    Here our laptop must be connected to the internet. Then log in to the Xiaomi phone with the same Mi Account. If you sign up with a mobile number, you must use the +62 top-up. Otherwise the account notification does not exist.

  5. Turn off HP

    Meducation your hp then turn on again by pressing the button Power + Quiet simultaneously until the logo appears fastboot.

  6. Connect to PC

    Connect your Xiaomi phone to a PC using a data cable.

  7. click Unlock

    Wait a moment for the unlocking process to complete. The unlock status will be displayed successfully. Then tap Restart phone.

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Note: If your XIAOMI HP cannot connect. Install MiUsbDriver.exe in Mi Unlock Tools folder. Then disconnect Xiaomi and reconnect it to your computer.

As for the pros and cons of unlocking the bootloader, here is an explanation:

Benefits of unlocking the bootloader:

  • After unlocking the bootloader, we can easily access root, change rooms, install XPOSED, TWRP, etc.
  • We can make adjustments or modifications to improve the performance of our Xiaomi phones.
  • Easier to deal with when Bootloop gets infected with your phone.

Disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader

  • In terms of security, mobile phones are becoming more vulnerable to various attacks like malware.
  • Applications that require a high level of security cannot be run. Like mobile banking.
  • These are some of the pros and cons when we run UBL (Unload Bootloader) on our Xiaomi phones.
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How to unlock HP XIAOMI bootloader, good luck, thanks.