How to remotely control a laptop / PC with an Android smartphone

Hello loyal visitors of! This time admin will discuss how to operate laptop/PC remotely. This time we will discuss a remote tutorial or control a desktop, computer, laptop or PC with an Android phone.

Perhaps many people already know Remote Desktop. But what’s interesting this time is that we don’t need a quota or internet access. Why did it work? Visitors only remote pc with android via wifi.

WiFi is WiFi between 2 or more devices on a network. For those who don’t know, Remote Desktop is like watching TV, and you can change channels with just the remote control.

It’s explained more or less like most of us, if we want to use a computer or laptop remotely we’ll need an internet connection, but for visitors who don’t have a quota, there’s no need to worry.

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Because if we use remote pc quota it is same as streaming which is very big quota waste only for remote pc.

Preparation for Remote Laptop/PC on Android Phone

How to remote a laptop

As an application we now need Unified Remote Server (to install on PC) and Unified Remote APK (to install on Android). If visitors don’t have the two applications that the admin mentioned above.

Then please download/install the two applications below on the visitor’s mobile and PC depending on their device.

1. Download the remote server application for PC

  • Number: Integrated remote server.
  • Bit Support: 32 & 64 A little.
  • Untuk OS: Windows, Linux, Macintosh (MAC OS X).

2. Download the remote client application for smartphones

  • Number: Integrated remote client.
  • For device mobile phone, mobile phone: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Android iOS Windows Phone

Remarks: Please download the visitor’s mobile device, which is currently a paid Windows phone and a free Android. The features of the above application are:

  • Basic input: Works like a mouse.
  • File manager: Open files or data on PC (via Android phone) Shut down + restart etc.: Same as function on PC.
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That’s the function, actually the button is the same as the one on the PC. Actually not only on Android, visitors can also renovate with Windows Phone or iPhone.

Remote Laptop/PC HP Android

Make sure the visitor has downloaded and installed the above application according to the visitor’s device, make sure it is installed on both devices, both Android phones and Windows PCs (others).

  1. As the main step, please turn on the PC or set it as a hotspot.
  2. Then connect the Android phone to the hotspot network (PC).
  3. Then open the Unified Remote Server (PC) application, or sometimes it will be activated automatically as shown below.
  4. Go to > Right Click > Start Server. Then click Managers.
  5. Then open the remote client app without binding (Android phone).
  6. Then check if the remote app not bound to android is connected to the server how to open the remote client app on android. Then click on MENU “Server”.
  7. Then visitors can connect directly between the client and the server without using the internet quota.
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So many admin articles on how to remote laptop/pc from an android phone without a quota. Hopefully, knowing how to remove HP laptop pc remotely can help visitors.