How to open EXE files on Android with apps

How to open EXE files on Android

How to open an exe file on Android, is it possible? Most Microsoft Windows users are familiar with the file format.

In fact, all exe files can only be opened on the computer. But that was back then, because now the exe format can also be opened via Android.

Android devices are indeed quite mature by now. Not only open, but also can execute files in exe format.

It’s just that, not all and must be devices that have high specs. Otherwise, usually only games or small apps are smaller than 10 MB.

How to open exe files on android

Before running an application in exe format on Android, users must first know how to open an exe file on Android.

There are 2 ways to open it, namely with the help of the application. What are these applications? Check out the explanation below:

1. Opening exe files with AndroZip

Any application of any format cannot be opened unless it has been parsed first. The trick is to use the application.

AndroZip application can extract not only exe format but also zip, rar and much more.

It’s just that in order to get this application, users have to look for a link on a special website, since it is not on the Play Store. No need to worry because AndroZip is very safe and packed with features.

The steps to open it are quite simple, namely by pressing on one of the exe files and then selecting “extract file here” or “extract to” if you want to find another folder.

After that, locate the unzipped file and press it to start the installation. Normally, the exe file requires you to open a special application that runs simultaneously during the installation process.

2. Opening exe files on Android with Inno Setup Extractor

If you don’t want to use any applications other than the Play Store, users can also choose the Inno Setup Extractor application.

Once installed, any exe formatted file will be automatically extracted by this application. Unfortunately, Inno Setup Extractor only opens Inno Setup based files, as the name suggests.

3. Opening exe files on Android with ZArchiver

One of the applications in the Play Store that has almost the same usage as the AndroZip application, including how it works, is ZArchiver.

Users just need to download the application to extract the file format. Next, run it along with the specific application to run the application.

How to run exe files on Android

In fact, there are many steps and uses that can be used to run exe formatted applications after extraction.

However, in this article, the AFreeBox application is recommended because it does not require root and is widely used. The reason is that this application is actually the best of the others.

How to do it is not difficult. To avoid confusion, users can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the AfreeBox application.
  2. Once opened, look for the extracted application by typing the command word on the screen.
  3. Just press the keyboard icon to write. For your convenience, make sure the file is saved in the download folder, then write “storage/sdcard1/Download” and press “Enter”.
  4. Then all files will be displayed and you can choose an application to run.
  5. Next, type lh again (use a space) and the name of the exe file.
  6. When you pressed enter, it can automatically run the application that was previously in exe format.
  7. Users can play or use the application.

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How to open an exe file on Android and run it using an app. Users can choose which applications they want and have the least storage space when the device memory is low. There are actually many other ways to run applications.

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