How to make money with these 9 affiliate programs for bloggers

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In fact, there are many ways to make money through the internet, one of which is to become a blogger or YouTuber. But if you are a regular blogger, either for hobby or for
generate income, you should really consider the program
Affiliates as a revenue model for your website.

affiliate program is
A great way to take your hobby or even your business to another level
more measurable where you stand to reap huge financial benefits.

You can use several other forms of advertising together
with affiliate programs without any problems. The income you earn
is passive and may seem too good to be true, but
Affiliate program is not a scam that will harm you. That is something
It’s serious, you can’t afford to miss it.

Let’s explore the best affiliate programs
help you turn your blog into a scalable business and
puts you on the path to making good money.


Bluehost is great if you blog for other bloggers and
when you post content through WordPress sites and hosting services.
Bluehost is one of the most popular affiliate programs out there

Her salary is pretty decent, at $65 per signup
users, which is good money with minimal effort. Remember
that Bluehost works best for WordPress blogs, so your content should be like that
stay relative.

Share sale

ShareASale is a great affiliate program with various
Retailers to choose from which means you can find related ones
with your niche. Variety helps you choose the best, and you can
Choose the dealer that you think will benefit you the most.

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Payment is determined by the merchant you use, ie
You have to check each one individually.

ShopStyle collective

ShopStyle Collective is easy to register because
The only requirement is a proper website or blog. It’s based
in the fashion industry and is a unique affiliate program with offers
and various services.

The key feature of ShopStyle Collective is that you don’t have to
They sealed the deal to get your money but they paid
on a click basis.

You really can’t get a bargain
better. And if you’re a student blogger or affiliate marketer, don’t
Worry a lot when you have little time to do some things
once. Online writing services will help you find experienced writers
Taking care of your thesis and college essay writing needs
Dissertations, term papers, courses, homework and more.

To find the best writing sites, read the reviews
Ninja essays, essay mom reviews and boom essay reviews to choose the best
for myself.

Even if you need a solid LinkedIn profile or
Cover letter and continue for your internship or job, try it
Describe reviews to find the best resume writing sites.


FreshBooks is an online bookkeeping service
online and is one of the favorites among business owners. It does
Her life is easy because it automates everything for her.

It’s also a great affiliate option because you can
Earn $5 per lead and you can raise that money if you
Complete the sale by getting $55. FreshBooks pays big, and it should
specifically marketed to business people.

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Target is a popular online store with a wide selection
Products covering a wide range of niches. This is a great online store for
Your affiliate program because you are sure to find a product that you can
Use. Target is also a trusted name and offers delivery

The commission you get from this program is 4%
retail value. You can’t go wrong with Target, and you won’t
experience excitement, from the onboarding process to the income generation stage.


Teachable is an affiliate program that is easy to implement and deploy
can help you earn passive income from your links. if
Account registered under your link, you will receive monthly earnings
as long as the account still exists.

It differs from other services that are paid once and by tariff
They are currently 30% of the monthly subscription. This is an affiliate program
education-based that focuses on online courses, that’s how your blog should be
about education or online courses

Go Daddy

GoDaddy is perfect if you mostly blog about it
Website design or other related content. If you regularly post tips
In the context of website design, you can include a call to action
in your blog post urging readers to secure the domain name

Also, GoDaddy is a hosting service provider and with
You can earn with their affiliate program
either by commission. Your rate for each sale is 40% what
is a very high level compared to affiliate programs


Bloggers more focused on the creative industries and
creative skill development can choose this affiliate program. CreativeLive
is an affiliate program focused on online courses that teach
Creativity skills and good for almost any niche. your prices
The payout is $1 and an additional fee of 20% per sale.

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All niches can benefit from it
Professional companies need the services of creative people. Not to mention whether the blog
You about creative skills or digital marketing, get it
large amounts of cash on you.

Amazon Prime pantry

If you are a food blogger, this affiliate program is for you
is the best for you because it focuses on grocery shopping
on-line. You can easily ask your followers to use AmazonPrime Pantry to buy their supplies to cook your meals
blogged about it.

It’s not that hard to get them to buy from the store
these online and for their purchase you will receive 5% of the sales price.
Plus, it’ll help your customers skip the trip to the grocery store, huh
save their time.


Passive income is possible with affiliate programs.
The great thing about this form of marketing is that it is non-intrusive.
You can work at home. So if you’re a stay-at-home mom,
This is a great way to make money without leaving the task
your household.

Comparing and choosing the best affiliate programs is very important
It is important that you get good results this way by making money from your blog.

So choose an affiliate program according to your needs and interests so that you can do it well and to the maximum.

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