How to get the latest PUBG Bolt Action Rifle 2022

bolt action rifle PUBG One of the weapons with high performance, weapons with guaranteed accuracy that will not miss depending on the player who uses them.

PUBG Bolt Action Rifle weapons are usually used for long-range attacks, there can be no doubt about their accuracy. The distance you can reach with this Bolt Action Rifle weapon is about 600-800 meters. This weapon also deals painful damage to the affected enemy.

Why is it called Bolt Action Rifle weapon for sniper players when using Bolt Action Rifle weapons? because all bullets are manually stored in the firing chamber.

The Bolt Action Rifle weapon is one of the weapons that players fear, especially those who use these weapons have high mechanics, are any of you a sniper player?

Of course, for PUBG players, Bolt Action Rifle weapons are rare to find because there are few Bolt Action Rifle weapons in the in-game arena.

For those of you who are still confused about this bolt action rifle weapon, you can see the discussion below. We’ve rounded up an explanation of the PUBG Bolt Action Rifle. like this.

Types of Bolt Action Rifle PUBG Mobile Weapons

There are several Bolt Action Rifle weapons in the PUBG Mobile game that have the best accuracy. Normally, this Bolt Action Rifle weapon is widely used by sniper pro players.

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Are you curious about Bolt Action Rifle weapons, you can see below.


The weapon that is very popular in all games with the war genre is this AWM, with the level of damage or the damage that AWM inflicts on the enemy is very painful.

In addition, when you shoot this AWM weapon, it will hit the head of an opponent wearing a low helmet, one shot will die, but if the enemy is wearing a high helmet, two shots will be enough to bring down the enemy.

If you shoot at the body with a level 3 vest, you only need to shoot twice, the damage dealt by AWM is very large, so it is not surprising that so many players are looking for this weapon.

You can get this AWM weapon in the airdrop, AWM is one of the Bolt Action Rifle weapons available in the airdrop.

The stats of this AWM weapon are exceptional, as the damage level of this AWM can reach 132 damage, from the stability level to 34, and also the range achieved reaches 100.

With the incredible power of AWM, many players enjoy using this sniper.

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Who are PUBG players who don’t know about this gun which is the weakest gun among other Bolt Action Rifle guns even though there are so many players using Kar98k guns?

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Since this weapon is quite painful and also has very high accuracy and is very easy to use, it is a weapon that is very popular among sniper players.

Getting Kar98k is also very easy to find, you can find it in different towns or houses in PUBG game, unlike other Bolt Action Rifle guns which are very hard to find.

This Kar98k weapon itself has a damage level of 72 damage, a stability level of 34, a range of 79, an ammo type of 7.62mm, and also this Kar98k weapon has additional fasteners specific to the Kar98k weapon itself, the Item Bollets Loop is useful for speeding up reloading.


The next bolt-action weapon is the M24, where the damage level of this weapon is very high to defeat the enemy in one shot.

Before there was a PUBG update and this gun was nerfed or the damage level decreased, this M24 gun became the sickest gun compared to other snipers.

In this change, the M24 weapon becomes a weapon that no longer hurts, although this weapon allows its users to defeat the enemy in one hit.

Before the changes to this M24 gun you could only find it on Airdorp, now you can find it in different cities in PUBG game.

The damage level of this M24 weapon reaches 84, with a firing range of 96, an ammo type of 7.62mm and a rate of fire of 1.80s.

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win 94

Unlike other snipers, Win 94 weapons are medium weapons, which means that Win 94’s shooting range is not too far away, so you don’t need a scope that far away, because this weapon is scoped, so draw it you don’t have to replace it or look for it.

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You can only find this weapon on the PUBG map in Miramar. This weapon is a bolt-action rifle weapon with a fast rate of fire, allowing you to easily defeat the enemy.

Sanjata Win 94 with a damage of 66 damage, an ammo type of 45 ACP and a rate of fire of 0.6 seconds.

Remarks: Here are some lines of PUBG Bolt Action Rifle weapons, how do you care to use them to defeat all enemies? For sniper players, you must already know about Bolt Action Rifle PUBG guns.

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This is how talked about the Bolt Action Rifle PUBG, interested in trying it out? I hope that what we have been able to convey can be of use to all of you.

If there is any typo or information regarding Bolt Action Rifle PUBG, we sincerely apologize, that’s all from us. Thank you very much and see you later.