How to easily share PDF files online

How to easily share PDF files online

How to share PDF files online – Technology has now become a benchmark for facilities and infrastructure. As well as providing something needed for the survival and comfort of human life. This proves that technology has a major impact on many groups of people and that technology provides tangible evidence of making work easier. Till now we can see so many new technologies that are innovative and very amazing.

What are PDFs?

Like PDFs. Of course, as we know, PDF is an abbreviation of (Portable Document Format) or PDF format that keeps the original layout of the document. In addition, PDF format users can edit documents with the right software.

Using this PDF minimizes our work, both at school and in the office. PDF also offers many features and conveniences. In this way, listening to documents in PDF format for administrative work or in connection with working documents is not a foreign word. You can find that some people often use PDF for their daily work.

In addition, accessing the PDF is very easy, friends can access it via PC or mobile phone. So before we move on to the main topic.

PDF features

What if we understand what are the features of pdf? Here are some of the features of the pdf:

  1. Store documents or text files of any kind.
  2. Create and save a document containing text, images, and links.
  3. Sending of documents in finished or unfinished form (cannot be changed).

Benefits of PDF

PDF also has many advantages, namely the following:

  1. Easy to edit. You don’t have to worry that the document files you’ve already converted to PDFs can’t be edited again or if you edit the text, it will be destroyed. You don’t have to worry or be nervous, brother! Because you can edit the content of the PDF file with the help of a PDF reader software.
  2. lockdown or private mode. For this you can secure documents that you consider important and confidential. To prevent document files from being copied or allowing others to view them, use the lock feature. Where do you use a password when logging into your PDF document.
  3. More flexible times. Since PDF refers to the digital realm, we can open document files at any time. So if you open on another device, the content, quality and version will remain the same.
  4. can save image. You should know that PDF is not just for storing text or files. However, PDF can also store data in the form of images, photos or graphics. You can also convert to PDF format and compress the file according to the size you want without losing the original image quality.
  5. Can work with computers. The PDF system offers features that are increasingly usable and easy to use as they are compatible with different computers.

Here are the benefits included in the pdf. What if we want to annotate the document which is in PDF format e.g. B. splitting the PDF file? Of course you can. Here we recommend several lists or listings of websites that you can access to manage how to separate PDF files online. Here we go!!!

List of sites and How to share PDF files online

1. Split PDF files to SMALL PDF online

This website is quite famous in Indonesia. With this website you can convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPG or PPT or compress, combine and separate PDFs. Here is how and steps you can split a PDF:

  • Go to the Smallpdf website.
  • After that, click on the “Choose File” option to upload the document that you want to split or split. You can also select PDF cloud storage and select PDF from your computer.
  • After successfully uploading the PDF for a while, it’s time to choose the option “Extract each PDF page” or “Select the extracted pages”, which means you separate the PDF document file per page or which page choose.
  • Next select the settings to start the converting/converting process.
  • Finally, all you have to do is select the Download File Now option.
  • Then move on to the folder or my files you are in. Right-click on your mouse or keyboard and then select Extract File.
  • After that you can see the results.

2. Share PDF files online in ILovePDF

This online PDF management site also offers exactly the same as before. This site has an English version, the interface is clean and simple. Let’s see the steps to separate files via this ILovePDF site:

  • Go to google or chorme and then type keyword ILovePDF directly or click this link (search google) directly.
  • You can select the option “Select PDF file” when entering a visit on the homepage,
  • Select the PDF file on your computer and then click Open.
  • After the PDF has been successfully uploaded. You can choose the “Extract All Pages” option, which means you want to separate the PDF files per page.
  • Next, click the “Split PDF” option to process file splitting.
  • Then you can download directly and wait for the download to finish.
  • After the conversion is complete, the device will automatically save the successfully split file.

3. Split PDF files online in PDF Candy

This PDF candy offers you the free and best PDF conversion. You can find many more PDF tools online here. For example, convert images, e-books, documents to PDF and vice versa safely and reliably. More importantly, PDF Candy is also available in the form of a desktop application that you can install and use offline. Here we see how to separate PDF files on this candy PDF site:

  • Open the candy pdf site. You can access via Google or Chrome.
  • After you have successfully logged in, just click on the “+Add File” option to upload files that will be separated on a page basis.
  • Then upload the file and wait a moment for it to complete.
  • Next, you can select the “Single Page” option to split the files per page.
  • Under the exact single page option, you can select “Split PDF”.
  • Wait for the page splitting process to complete. Then click the button to download the file.
  • Open the folder where the download was saved, then click Extract File as in the previous method.
  • When your document file is ready, it will be automatically separated per page.

How to separate PDF files via website. Here we also want to give all our friends an added bonus, which is how to separate files with an installed application, here is a tutorial on how to separate PDF files by the application. To split PDFs through the application, it becomes easier and more time-efficient

4. Share PDF files online in Nitro PDF Professional

It seems that this application no longer sounds familiar. One of these professional Nitro PDF applications is a creation or editing application. Although this function is very complete. Starting with converting, splitting, merging and changing format. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

  • Open the application you have successfully downloaded or installed.
  • After that, the start page appears in the application. Select the “Open” icon.
  • Choose the file storage and your file will be found.
  • After entering the data into the application. Click the “Share” icon located on the top menu page on the menu page.
  • Next, simply set how many pages you want to separate. Click the Back split button on the bottom left, wait a moment, upload and you’re done.

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That’s all from the tutorial we’ve given you all on how to separate PDF files according to your website or application needs. Hopefully the provided tutorial can be useful for all of you. Thank you and good luck!

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