How much income from YouTube in Indonesia?

How Much Income or Money Can You Make From YouTube? The question seems like a riddle difficult to answer. Why is that ? Because YouTube’s revenue comes from AdSense ads. Adsense advertising itself is a Google advertising network product, and many factors determine its profit value.

There are many determinants of YouTube income from Adsense ads. YouTube earnings are based not only on the number of views and number of clicks on ads that appear on YouTube videos, but also on the country, topic/niche and the price of the ad itself.

However, if all the above factors are explained one by one, this article will have no ending, aka long. Another possibility will be explained later. Now let’s focus on average earnings from YouTube.

Average income from YouTube in Indonesia

Dollar illustration from Youtube
Dollar illustration from Youtube

Some say that YouTube’s earnings are around $1 per 1000 views, but it turns out we can’t use that number as a benchmark because when we create a video and nobody clicks on the ad, despite the number of views reached 1000 , then the number is 1 USD, it seems impossible. Not to mention if the topic of our video is not relevant for a single ad, so the ads shown are less attractive to viewers and have a low auction price.

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In Indonesia itself, YouTubers rarely typically get paid $1 per 1000 views. Usually the income per 1000 views for YouTubers in Indonesia ranges from 0.3 to 0.8 USD or on average the money that can be earned from every 1000 views of a YouTube video in Indonesia is only 0.55 USD. *At the end of this article, how to increase income of Indonesian YouTube channel is explained*

So if our video gets 1 million views then the achievable income is at least 550 USD or about Rp. 7,000,000. Again, this number is an average, but more realistic than $1 per 1000 views.

Many of you complain when the number of views on your video has reached tens of thousands but your income is still in the double digits or even under $10. This is because Indonesia has a low effective cost per thousand compared to other countries, especially the United States, where the fee per 1000 views can reach $1 to $7.

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How to Calculate Youtube Earnings per 1000 Views?

Of course, after reading the article above, you’re all curious about the cost per 1000 views of your video, right?

How to calculate YouTube earnings per 1000 views
Estimate the eCPM of Youtube ads

You can find the above data under Creator Studio > Analytics > Ad Pricing. You can see there that the CPM is $1.xx per 1000 ad impressions. not 1000 video views. We want to know the income per 1000 views of our video, but how? use the following formula:

(Estimated Sales/Jumlah Views) * 1000

Calculation of income from Youtube per 1000 views
Youtube Revenue Statistics
  • Pay attention to the sales figures in the Youtube Analytics Dashboard.
  • Estimated Revenue: $680.08
  • Views: 995,033
  • Then the bill (680.80/995033)*1000
  • Result: 0.68 <- this is YouTube's earnings for videos over per 1000 views.

Please try the above formula with your respective video data.

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How to get high income from YouTube?

If you want to have a high YouTube income per 1000 views then you have to do this Create videos that discuss trending topics to add videos to the trending videos list on YouTube.

Or choose one of the 13 most popular YouTube channel themes , so the videos you create are more specific and targeted to one category, making it easier for advertisers to determine where to show their ads. And of course, it also makes it easier for people to find the videos you make, so the number of views keeps increasing.

Some of you are also wondering how to get at least 1,000,000 views in a month. If you can only do 1 video, it might be difficult to get 1 million views. Create 5 high quality videos so your goal to get 1 million views per month is easy when 1 video gets 200,000 views, right? for this reason YouTube earnings per month you can have regularly.