How does Riqui Puig’s salary fit into the MLS?

The LA Galaxy have to pay the salary cap using a “formula” that has already been used with players like Gareth Bale or Ibrahimovic

The three Designated Player spots are currently filled at the Los Angeles club

That LA galaxy They made a signing that may differ in their league, MLS. Riqui Puig He packs his bags to travel straight from FC Barcelona to Los Angeles at the age of 22, which seems very strategic in North American countries.

Rich will debut with the Angelenos already with the season underway and it is that mls He’s in the middle of his regular campaign. That’s why a commitment of this caliber has to fit, especially when it comes to salary caps, which are different and stricter in MLS than in the European leagues.

Riqui finds himself in a situation similar to the one he lived in Gareth Bale a few weeks ago, and LA Galaxy will have to resort to the ‘formula’ that their city rivals used to be able to register the Catalan with. A formula that has already been used with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The difference between Riqui’s fall and others this summer, like that of Xherdan Shaqiri, Lorenzo Insigne, Hector Herrera or Bale himself is that they reached the ‘major’ as “Designated Player” or franchise player, which entails an important difference in terms of the salary to be received compared to the rest of the teammates.

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The DPs in the United States may end up in the US with a similar or even higher contract than the one they received in Europe. The problem: LA Galaxy, Riqui Puig’s new team, has filled all three DP slots with Chicharito Hernández, Kévin Cabral and Douglas Costa.

So, according to SPORT, the expert analyst in MLS, Manuel Vaquero, «Riqui Puig’s salary will be within the mandated salary cap for MLS teams, which is currently $4,900,000 for the 20 non-DP tokens. The maximum salary an MLS soccer player can earn within the salary cap is $612,500 and the minimum is $81,375. But a team can use Targeted Allocation Money to sign a player whose salary and commitment exceed the maximum salary ($612,500), increasing their salary up to $1,612,500. This Targeted Allocation Money can be used for various operations and is $2,800,000 in 2022.”

Because of this, Riqui’s salary will be $612,500 within the salary cap and from there up to $1,612,500 outside of the salary cap, although today it is not known what the total amount will be. Possibly in September official salaries will be announced by the MLS PA (MLS Players Association).

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Riqui Puig, new Galaxy player

| Instagram: lag galaxy

Currently, and while it’s not official, some sources have confirmed it Riqui Puig’s salary at FC Barcelona would be around 2.5 million euros per year, a number he could match or even surpass in MLS. But not now.

In the official declaration of his signing, the American club did not confirm salary figures as usual. And if you can’t free a DP slot, If Riqui were to sign as a regular soccer player, he would do so with a lower salary, around $500,000.

What can help your team is your age, Being a franchise player and being 23 years old means that for the collective salary capThe club would only add $200,000 as a burden.

LA Galaxy didn’t have to pay any amount for the operation and Barça reserved the right to buy the player back, in addition to 50% of a hypothetical future sale.

All of these rules come from “Beckham’s Law”, in 2007, in an effort to compete and be an attractive league for players of international caliber. It allowed franchises to sign players with financial claims in excess of the maximum salary allowed by the league, in some cases even the team’s own salary cap.

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In this way, this franchise player’s salary does not count towards the collective salary of the club, making it the sole responsibility of the owner of the team. Originally, each franchise was entitled to one Designated Player for the three currently eligible.

There are currently 71 Designated Players in the Italian Lorenzo Insignia (Toronto FC) the highest paid with a salary of around $12 million per season.

They follow closely Xherdan Shaqiri (Chicago Fire) with an eight million contract and the forwards Chicharito Hernandez (Los Angeles Galaxy) and Gonzalo Higuain (Inter Miami) around six million.

There are two Spanish soccer players who currently hold this role as a franchise player, the ex-Valencianista Carlo Gil who plays for the New England Revolution, and a Alexander Pozuelo very settled in the United States who recently switched teams to settle in Miami.

Previously, they had also signed as the Spanish “Designated Player”. David Villa (New York F.C.) Victor Rodriguez (Seattle Saunders) and mixed (Toronto FC).