How do the first sticky ones come about?

Men can also wear tights, but most often you can see the dress on women’s legs. And that while the first bars were intended for men. How did the dress come out?

The first tights: from trousers to woolen socks

The first ‘kosan’ were made of woven fabric and resembled leggings and feet. These “trousers” (still the German word for trousers) were worn mainly by men under a tunic or puffy trousers. Wealthy women wore long silk stockings that stayed in place thanks to suspenders or suspenders.

From the 16th century trousers were worn less by men. After the invention of the knitting machine, men en masse switched to woolen socks, which were always held on with a suspender belt or sock holder.

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The first panties were for a pregnant woman

It wasn’t until the 1930s that the American chemical company DuPont invented nylon, a strong, thin, and stretchy material. This was worked into the edges of wool socks so that they stayed in place without being constrained.

In 1959, the American textile manufacturer Allen E. Gant invented them as we know them today. Ethel, his pregnant wife, was upset with the belt around her bulging stomach. Grant then sews his socks into a pair of underpants (underwear). Frau was so excited that Grant took the prototype to a tailor. He tinkered with combining wool and nylon until he created “pants” that lengthen with the legs. And voilà: It was born to give them as we know them today.

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