How did Nicholas Desmond die? What happened? cause of death declared

How did Nicholas Desmond die?  What happened?  cause of death declared

On the first day of his holiday in Tenerife, a beloved Briton is said to have drowned. Let’s see how he died, what happened and Nicholas Desmond’s cause of death in detail

How did Nicholas Desmond die?

A day before his 30th birthday, a British tourist died in the sea off the coast of Tenerife. Just hours before trouble erupted at sea, 29-year-old Nicholas Desmond had arrived in the Canary Islands.

One day before his 30th birthday, Nicholas Desmond, 29, sadly died in the ocean. He had flown to Tenerife on the morning of July 29 to celebrate his birthday before disaster struck.

The 29-year-old, from Gabalfa, Cardiff, was recovered from the sea in Callao Salvaje after emergency services rushed to the scene.

Nicholas, known as Nicky, was flown to Adeje and taken to a nearby hospital by waiting ambulance before dying.

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A GoFundMe has now been started by his devastated friends to help fly his body home to rest.

What happened?

A British tourist who drowned while swimming in the Canary Islands a day before his birthday has received tributes.

Just a few hours had passed since Nicholas Desmond, 29, arrived in Tenerife before he encountered problems in the water.

When emergency services arrived in Callao Salvaje on July 29 and Mr Desmond, also known as Nicky, was flown to Adeje, he died just a day before he could celebrate his 30th birthday.

According to his heartbroken pals, Mr Desmond left his home in Cardiff’s Gabalfa area for the trip.

Sacha Pugsley, a 29-year-old family friend, remarked: “He was extremely cheerful, very sociable. Everyone could always count on his help. “If he could, he would basically circumnavigate the entire planet for me.

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He was always cheerful and lively. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him upset. “He would never put anyone down.”

Friends and family also paid tribute to Mr. Desmond, saying: “He was such a wonderful guy, a brother, a son, left us far too soon.

“The tragic death of her dear pal Nicky has brought a great loss to the Gabalfa community and our dear friends.

A donation page has now been set up to help fly Mr. Desmond’s body home for his funeral.

On the website, someone wrote: “Let’s bring him back, even if the cost is exorbitant.

“No one could ever be prepared for the unexpected loss of a child’s life. Losing a child is every parent’s greatest fear.

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On the day of Mr. Desmond’s 30th birthday, a balloon launch was held in his honor.

Nicholas Desmond cause of death

Just a day before his 30th birthday, a horrific drowning claimed the life of a British tourist in the Canary Islands.

On July 29, Wales Online says 29-year-old Nicholas Desmond, from Cardiff, had been in Tenerife for a few hours when he had trouble swimming in the sea.

Tragic drowning was the cause of Nicholas Desmond’s death.

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