High Court rejects Indira’s request for contempt proceedings against top police officers

The Ipoh Supreme Court today dismissed an application by M. Indira Gandhi to institute legal proceedings against the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and three others for non-compliance.

Justice Commissioner Bhupindar Singh Gurcharan Singh Preet made the decision after hearing both parties and dismissed the application without a decision on costs.

Indira filed the request alleging police failure to arrest her ex-husband and return her daughter, who was kidnapped by him 13 years ago.

Meeting outside of court with her attorney, L. Pavitra, she said she will appeal today’s decision.

Indira, 46, filed a lawsuit on October 28, 2020, naming the IGP, the police, the Interior Ministry and the government as the first through fourth defendants.

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In her complaint, she said the IGP willfully and negligently disregarded a Mandamus Order issued by the Federal Court by failing to investigate or take appropriate action to protect her youngest child, Prasana Diksa, who is now 14 years old. return.

She said that the IGP, the Home Office and the government had a role to play in making decisions or ordering the police to execute the arrest warrant for Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, formerly known as K Pathmanathan, as ordered by the federal court on 29th 2016 .

She also claimed that the defendants’ actions directly led to her being separated from her daughter to date, in addition to Riduan’s escape.

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She is seeking general RM100 million, aggravated and exemplary damages, and a statement that the IGP committed the tort while in public office and that the Home Office and the Government are vicariously liable for the tort committed by the IGP.

Prasana was taken away by Riduan when she was 11 months old, shortly after he converted to Islam.