Filep Wamafma provides important information about the expansion and the indigenous peoples of Papua

Filep Wamafma provides important information about the expansion and the indigenous peoples of Papua

papua.INDONESIATODAY.CO.ID, JAYAPURA — DPD RI member in the West Papua province elections Filep Wamafma delivered a number of important comments to the government regarding the ongoing expansion agenda and the existence of indigenous peoples in Papua.

Filep emphasized that the division of land in Papua must have a positive impact on the life of the Indigenous Papuans (OAP).

According to Filep, the government should have a detailed grand plan for regional expansion, both provincial and district/city based on the characteristics of life, development and progress of the indigenous people of Papua.

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“Papuans today also need guarantees of fundamental rights, economic rights, social rights, political rights and other rights as laid down in the law and also fundamentally regulated in the Constitution and the Human Rights Charter,” Filep Wamafma said in a statement drafted on Wednesday (13.7 .2022).

“I think the central government’s expansion today doesn’t have a clear grand design that is expected to touch on really fundamental issues in Papua,” Filep said.

In addition, the Vice Chair of Committee I DPD RI stated that the expansion to bring services closer could possibly be realized with the formation of the state government.

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However, expansion will not necessarily be able to solve a number of fundamental problems in Papua if the expansion paradigm does not prioritize the existence and well-being of Papua’s indigenous people.

“Therefore, the central government is expected to be wise and circumspect in addressing issues in Papua, particularly regarding allegations of past violations of human rights, economic, social and political rights of indigenous Papuans who are members of indigenous groups,” Filep said. . .