fall on stage; “Thank you, dancers greet Aina immediately!”

Incidents of singers falling during a “live” performance are not uncommon. That’s what happened to singer Aina Abdul while performing the opening performance of Magic of the Night 2022 at Dataran Muara Sungai Melaka on Friday night.

Aina, or her real name, Nurul Aina Abdul Gani, 29, fell down the stairs mid-performance.

However, Aina, acting professionally, continued to stand while supported by the dancers before continuing her performance.

On her Instagram page, Aina said that while she can’t be proud of it, she laughs every time she thinks about it.

“Alhamdulillah ran smoothly on the first day of Magic of The Night, Sungai Melaka yesterday.

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“Although the experience of falling on stage isn’t something to be proud of, it makes Aina laugh every time I think about it, and it’s a good laugh, not a shy laugh.

“Thank you dancers, greet Aina immediately! If not, it is true that Aina continues to sing while seated or barefoot,” he wrote.

Aina also gave the latest update on the condition of her legs.

“For anyone who asks how Aina’s legs were yesterday. Everything is fine Alhamdulillah.

“Thanks for the care dear ones,” Aina wrote.

Famous national singers like Misha Omar, Jaclyn Victor and Nabila Razali have also experienced falling on stage.

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Photo: Instagram by Aina Abdul