‘Even drama articles can make fights…’ Dealing with heart risks

risk at heart

The drama Risik Pada Hati has ended its episode. After going through various emotional conflicts, Hayfa, played by Ummi Nazeera, finally decided to withdraw from her marriage.

The honeyed life once asked for brings no happiness to the heart. It turns out that the great acting by Ummi Nazeera and her partner, Alif Satar as Adam and Zara Sya as Aisya, the woman who faithfully follows each episode, is so teasing.

So much so that lead actor Alif Satar shared the demeanor of a wife who was so impressed with the handling of the drama Risik Pada Hati.

Chapter drama risk in the heart

wrote on instagram, “Drama can be noisy too baby… it’s hot!”
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From a short TikTok video shared on his Instagram by @fayizz93, it seems that one woman is genuinely impressed with the topic of polygamy raised in the drama series.

Sharing the review with her husband, his wife asked him not to treat her like in the drama.

“Attacks” after “attacks” by his wife’s words left the husband stunned. I have no idea why his wife is so angry just over a drama.

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Funny with the behavior of the wife commenting on a drama

The video also received funny responses from Alif’s followers. In fact, the conversation between husband and wife was funny and comforting.

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This 28-episode drama, directed by Pali Yahya, is an adaptation of Hani Ramsul’s novel Risik Pada Hati.

women week: Really, every woman, even if she talks about polygamy, her heart will be affected. This is reality, because when it comes to polygamy itself, of course, justice is required.

There are husbands who have managed to cheat on this type of polygamous marriage. Unfortunately, there are also some who fail. Eventually hurt the heart of his faithful wife.

Source/Photo: Alif Satar

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