Elizabeth Tan still hasn’t met her husband, sees each other twice a week

Although the actress and singer has been married for over a year Elizabeth Tan said she is still not living with her husband, Dr. Siew Jim, together.

Quote daily subwayElizabeth or better known as Lizzy said they only met during the holidays and now they still live with each other’s mothers.

BAKA: Elizabeth Tan wants to get pregnant, husband is not ready yet

“He comes to my house once or twice a week. We think our relationship is going through the romance phase right now and I don’t think it’s more interesting because there’s room for us to miss each other.

“In the beginning I didn’t agree with this decision because if we get married we have to live together, but we don’t want to leave our mother at home alone.

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“I’ve gotten used to it over time and prefer this way when we can take care of each other’s mothers as my mother and mother-in-law don’t want to live together,” he said.

Lizzy once again said she was ready to marry the first child and they would consider living together if there were children in the future.

“If there’s a new kid, we’ll think about it. I don’t want to take care of my child alone. I actually took birth control pills for two years. I took it after I finished filming Abang Long Fadil 3 movie.

“However, I am trying to conceive towards the end of this year. If followed, I was already planning a pregnancy, but last July a lot of ‘jobs’ (vacancies) came in.

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“So it had to be postponed to next month. However, due to the tightened work schedule, the plan to conquer the light of the world has been postponed to October,” he said.

Previously, Lizzy married the man of her choice, Siew Jim, on March 20 last year in a simple ceremony attended by 10 family members as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) were followed.