Easy Ways to Hire Anonytun Pro and Get Telkomsel Host Bug

Setting Anonytun Pro and Telkomsel Host Bug – Telkomsel Videomax is a type of video streaming subscription package.

Subscribing to the Videomax Telkomsek package means you can watch as many Hollywood, Indonesian, Bollywood, animation or Korean dramas as possible on TV and your smartphone.

Interestingly, the package can even be purchased as a bonus or obtained for free. If you can get the Videomax bonus but don’t like watching, you can change it to the regular package.

How one? You can change Telkomsel’s Videomax package to a regular package by using Anonytun Pro.

What is Anonymous Pro?

how to hire anonymous pro

Anonytun Pro itself is actually like other similar applications that can be used to get free internet.

The trick is to use host. There are many people who prefer this application compared to other applications like HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel and others.

Easy ways to set Anonytun Pro Telkomsel Videomax

You must know that in order to set up the Videomax Anonytun Pro Telkomsel application you must first have the host bug to become a loophole so that you can get free internet access.

Bugs are usually sourced through different URL promotions for different providers. The only example of Videomax itself is using the link www.viu.com or www.hooq.tvbecause both cooperate in the Videomax package with Telkomsel.

There are two ways to get the still active host error:

1. How to get host error with DNS Dumpster

First use DNS Dumpster. Just visit the official page below DNSDumpster.com with a smartphone or the standard Chrome browser.

Then just enter the domain where you want to find the error. Since you are using a package from Telkomsel, you can enter your Telkomsel.com address and then click the Search button.

If you already see a lot of subdomains, you can check if the host error is still active http://www.redirect-checker.org/index/php.

2. How to get host bug with google search

The second way is with the help of Google search. For example, the keyword Telkomomax Telkomsel, after that search results will definitely appear that return several URLs related to Videomax.

Please copy the URL and try to check the active status as well. After you have an active host bug, the next step is to set up Videomax Anonytun Pro Telkomsel as below.

Hire Anonytun Pro

  1. Download and install Anonymous Pro here.
  2. Click on the menu stealth settings.
  3. Please select SSL.
  4. For options connection log just enter the number 443 for the Connection Port menu if you have activated the menu Advanced SSL settings.
  5. Remember, don’t forget to click the menu Edit SSL setting.
  6. If you have already opened the Manage SSL page. When the ad appears, please check the menu as True SSL (Anti-DPI) and also Spoff host: port.
  7. Next, fill out the section host Spoff with the errors you would use for example viu.com, when hiring Anonytun Pro for port spoff You can enter the number yourself 443.
  8. Then just click OK, then click Save on computer.
  9. In this case, enable mobile data on your phone and select Connect in the Anonytun Pro application.
  10. Finished.

So this is the easy way to set latest Anonytun Pro Telkomsel Videomax 2019. Now you can use the Internet for free. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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