Download Kiss Live Mod APK. Latest Free 2022 Anti Banned

Download Kiss Live Mod APK Latest Anti Bid, Screen Recording & Screenshot Free For Android.

For the seekers among you aplikasi live china which has many live broadcasts and also broadcasts with many beautiful girls, you must try this application.

Because in this live app you will find many free live broadcasts and also more stable than the usual live applications.

Yes, although this application is not as famous as bigo live, mlive or others, the content provided by this application is much more barbaric than other well-known applications.

So here I will tell a little bit about this application and also share it with you for free. It is important that you read this article first.

Kiss Live Apk China

Kiss live mod apk

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Kiss Live Mod is one of the free live streaming app from China, which is actually one of the targets of Pascol, who likes to search for open-air broadcasting.

Yes, this is one of the most interesting Chinese live apps and indeed very popular in its country and also in Indonesia.

Indeed, this application was popular in Indonesia and also can be found in Google Playstore on your Android phone.

However, this application is currently blocked and for some reason we can no longer find it in the playstore.

But be careful friend because this application is only playstore locked and can still be used as long as you have the application.

In fact, it is a bit difficult to find this application to get the latest file, but here we have the latest version.

In this latest version, the application is of course easier and more comfortable to use.

And with added features like the ability to record screens and screenshots, you can capture your favorite hosts more easily too.

And in this application you don’t have to worry about the quality because this application is of very high quality and the videos are also anti-lag, let alone blurry.

Well, even though this is a Chinese live application, there are also many beautiful Indonesian hosts, from hijab girls to hot babes.

There are many menus in this application, such as Popular, PK, New Host, Join and Circle, with each menu containing different functions and live events.

So you will never get bored watching live broadcasts from handsome hosts, colmex broadcasts or live wiki broadcasts.

Features and Benefits of Kiss Live Apk

  • Capable of screen recording live broadcasts
  • Lots of lovely hosts open until midnight on wikitime
  • Can chat and vcs for free
  • And there are many more great features and of course Pascol’s dream

Those are just some features I am telling you, see the rest and find out for yourself by trying the application on your Android phone, friend.

And for those of you who want to try the apk, please check the download link below.

Download Kiss Live Mod APK. Latest Full Anti Banned for Android Free

app name kiss live
size 59.0MB
execution Latest mods
category Social /Lifestyle/17++
valuation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Download Kiss live apk here

Of course, how to install it is already up to you, just like installing applications from outside the Playstore.

Tips for registering or logging in to Kiss Live Apk

Now that this is a Chinese live application, if you are having trouble signing in, you need to follow the below tips while signing in.

  • Don’t use the phone number as it will be very difficult to get the code
  • If it still fails, try checking your internet or clearing the cache and application data
  • Sign in with your Facebook social media account
  • Use VPN

Those are some tips to try if you’re having trouble logging in to kiss live, friend. because I’ve tried all that and thank god it works.

Tips for finding live broadcasts Wik-Wik

To find open air live broadcasts, Colmekk or even Wik-Wik you have to open this application in the middle of the night because at midnight that’s a lot of hosts with bad bars and live that will entertain you.

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The conclusion

Kiss live is one of them in my opinion Very Free Live Chinese App and also strict, which is very suitable for you to try.

And the kiss live mod application has also been widely used by pascols who like to look for their collyy material when they are in the middle of it because the transmission is so bad.

So please test and try it yourself. Tengkyuu

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