Download Config Free Fire Auto Headshot + Skin Terbaru 2021

Config FreeFire – Back to the discussion of free fire play, which is still the main topic of discussion in this article. Free Fire still exists today and remains a popular fighting game to this day. Seeing how the development of this game keeps progressing, so the developers themselves keep presenting exciting things to keep their loyal players at home, for example presenting interesting events with prizes. And the prizes provided are not half-hearted, and you must attend the Garena event.

Finishing the ff game is not easy and certain skills are required for us to win the game. Not only skills, weapons or other items have a great influence on the course of the game, if you don’t have such things, the game becomes more and more difficult to win. The other main factor is the use of the smartphone used, which also affects the FF games played, e.g. B. Lag, Internet is not smooth and so on.

Therefore, there is a way to solve all FF game problems, one of which is to use Config Free Fire. Of course, for lovers of FF games, you are familiar with the apk. There are so many benefits you can get by using ff config to find out what’s happening next. Let’s check out the full review below.

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What is Free Fire Config

Config Free Fire is a tool to change or optimize software like applications, games etc. For example like free fire game. Config is an acronym for configuration. In the FF game itself, there are anti-lag FF configurations, automatic headshots, skin and bundle configurations. Where the purpose of this configuration is to modify the FF game to make it even more optimal.

In fact, there are still many FF configurations that can be found, such as: B. Diamond, Emote, and Aim Lock configuration examples. However, we will only discuss a few that you can download below. And if you can’t wait to get the apk, please check out the review below.

Config FreeFire

Download Config Free Fire Auto Headshot

Guns are the most important thing to play a match in this free fire game because FF game itself contains shooting game. And auto headshot is really needed and many are looking for it to make it easier for players to play the game. With this automatic headshot configuration, the shot always hits the target and never misses or misses the target. Hence, get the Config Free Fire Auto Headshot below.

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Download Config Free Fire Skin

Also, the skin is the most important thing and many are looking for the existence of this ff skin configuration. Free Fire always requires players to purchase in order to use their favorite in-game items. And config FF also presents a config ff skin which you can download below.

Download Apk Config FF

In principle, this method also applies to the installation of any type of configuration. And what you need to know is that if you use this free fire configuration, the chance of success is only a few percent. And what’s worse, your account is likely to be banned. So it’s better if you need to reconsider.

The Config FF Bundle Apk is the latest cheat technique in the FF game and to get the actual bundle you can do it by attending events and so on. Bundles themselves command a high price and are hard to come by.

At the event organized by Garena, only lucky players can receive the package. And the ff bundle configuration appears with many variants, like season 1 bundle, budi bundle, letda bundle, frontal bundle and others you can get.

How to install FFConfig

For those who are still having trouble installing this FF configuration, please follow the full tutorial below so you can try it. How to install it.

  1. Please download the apk file first
  2. Then extract the file with ZArchiver
  3. Copy the successfully extracted Free-Fire configuration file and paste it into the internal storage
  4. Internal >> Android >> Data >> com.dtsfreefireth >> Files ? contencache >> Optional >> Android >> Gamesetbundle >> insert disini
  5. Finished
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Is Downloading Free Fire Config Data Safe?

While secure, once you start using this free Fire configuration, there is no further guarantee as to the security of the account you are using. So update the ff game configuration to keep using it. To avoid viruses and bugs that make the apk configuration no longer optimal. We recommend that you follow the rules and know in advance what the risks are when you start using this ff configuration.

Also Downloads:


That’s what we can tell you about Config Free Fire so you can try it by downloading and installing the APK file above. But still be careful and remember if not everything can work with ff config. Hope this article is useful. Many Thanks.