Download COC Mod APK Latest Unlimited Gold 2022

Talk about Game Strategy you must be familiar with Game besutan Supercell, Clash of Clan. Game who wore this strategy genre Game which is very popular among users smartphone a few years ago Game MOBAs appear as competitors.

Even so, Game this is still fun to play to this day. Even a modified version of Game A lot of this has been done to provide even more fun. With this COC Mod APK you can do many things thanks to its features unlimited gold, elixir until jewel.

Review singkat game Clash of Clan


Clash of Clan or commonly abbreviated as COC is a game Game Strategy developed by Supercell. Released for iOS devices on August 2, 2012 and for Android devices on October 7, 2013. Game This immediately attracted a lot of people.

The essence of this game is how to defend and attack to win gold and elixir as much as possible. gold and elixir This is used to build forts, upgrade buildings, form troops, and so on.

There will be many squad which can be used and all squad each has its advantages and disadvantages. Players should definitely pay attention to this if they want to build an army squad selected is effective in destroying the weakest sides of opponent’s defenses.

If you have a building, fortress orUpdate squad, you need a little time. Hence it is needed jewel to fasten the process Update that. While to have jewel enough, you have to buy it first.

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That’s why COC players feel a little bored because they have to do Grind by playing continuously, attacking and collecting the opponent’s defenses one by one elixir from the opposing defense, but at the same time in danger of losing elixir moment base destroyed.

For the developers Game Independents out there making changes to Game this by issuing COC Mod APK. With this version you get unlimited gold, elixiror gems, so the focus of the game is to create defense or attack strategies.

Difference between COC Original and COC Mod APK

Difference between COC Original and COC Mod APK

In terms of gameplay, COC Mod APK is not much different from the original COC version. It’s just that the modded version has some additional features that are more exciting. away unlimited gold, unlimited elixir, unlimited dark elixir, unlimited squaduntil unlimited acc.

For more details, see the table below:

COC original COC Mod APK
jewel received from obstacle/ Buy Unlimited jewel
elixir and dark elixir gained from the destruction of resources Elixir/Dark Elixir Enemy Unlimited Elixir and dark elixir
gold obtained when resources are destroyed gold Enemy Unlimited gold
Using servers based on region or region Uses multiple private servers (Clash of Light, Clash of Null, Clash of Soul)
Have to do Grind (plays along non-stop Warattack opponent’s TH to get it elixir and gold) Focus on strategy development (no need to think about it jewel, goldand elixir build up defenses. All unlimited)
Various To update and the development is carried out by the official developer Supercell Various To update and development Game made by independent developers

Different features in COC Mod APK

With this modified version of COC, you no longer have to go through a series of processes Update buildings and levels troops up for days or even months. Thanks to the features, of course source unlimited which is provided in this COC Mod APK.

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To learn what and how these functions can be used, read the explanation below:

1. Unlimited Gold


If in the original version of COC you had to penetrate the enemy fortifications and plunder their resources, in the modified version it doesn’t matter. Because from the start of the game gold already abundantly available for players.

Nevertheless you still get gold in the successful destruction of resources gold Opponent.

2. Unlimited Elixir

Unlimited Elixir

Next to goldCOC mod version will also give you abundance elixir unlimited that you can use to present or level up squad as you wish. You can imagine how many kites you can produce with elixir the infinity.

Playing COC becomes more exciting with use troop troop best . You can also use the most advanced weapons that are hard to come by playing the original COC version.

3. Unlimited Dark Elixir

Unlimited Dark Elixir

Inside Game COC dark elixir to buy used Archer Queen, Barbarian King and also Dark Barack. However, it is very difficult to get, an enemy that has a lot of resources dark elixir usually have a very good defense.

Of Game COC Mod APK, you won’t have trouble getting it anymore. All squad or buildings in distress dark elixir You can set up easily, so the battle action presented will be much more exciting squad highest level.

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4. Unlimited Gem

Unlimited acc

The next function is unlimited gems. With jewelyou can speed up any processes that take time, such as B. the construction of barracks, Update Town Hall, production squad, and other. You also no longer have to wait hours or even days to get it jewel.

Usually jewel can be obtained from cleaning garbage (obstacle) around the grass. You can also get it by buying it with money. However, with this modified version, jewel can be plentiful.

5. Unlimited Troop

Unlimited squad

Here you can make hundreds or even thousands squad attack base Opponent. You can imagine how exciting the attack will be. Damage great with variety spell magic Of course, it will color every action to knock down the opponent’s defenses.

Download and play COC Mod APK

You will not find this modified version in Google Play Store or App Store. There Game It was not developed by the original developer but by independent developers. But you don’t need to worry because here you can download it for free.

From now on here short specifications Game COC Mod APK along with a link you can visit to download it:

app name COC Mod APK
execution v14.100.12
size 136MB
At least Android 4.1 KitKat (and higher)
Last update May 14, 2020

Cara Install game

Installing this game is actually the same as the original version. To clarify, you can do the following: Click the download link above.

  • If it has already been downloaded, continue Click Install.
  • Next Run the mod version of the COC application and enjoy the fun of it.
  • Don’t forget to activate ‘Allow apps from unknown sources‘ on your phone.
Install english mod
English language settings
Install mod indo
Indonesian language settings

Notes: When it happens crashyou should better uninstall First Game COC original version. Sometimes installing both games at the same time can cause it errors.


Playing Clash of Clans is really fun. Because of his enthusiasm, players are sometimes willing to play every time in order to build better defenses. But for those of you who want to feel the excitement in a different way, you can try this COC Mod APK.

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