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Dordle is another attack on the popular term Sports Wordle. The premise is similar to most video games of this type, but you could try matching two sets of 5 letters instead of 1! In case you’re wondering what the answer is for Dordle 06.08.22 then we offer it to you with this information!

Every day Dordle presents you with a brand new puzzle. You can try it by visiting the official Dordle website after midnight.

Dordle Response Information

Now we have all the information you want on what the answer is for the latest daily dordle!

Dordle 8/6/22 response

The answer for Dordle on August 6, 2022 is: AWARD & DIMLY

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Dordle Suggestions

You can get higher at Dordle using the following ideas, making it a little easier to get closer to matching 5-letter phrases every game.

  • Use a great opening phrase – You must have a set of guiding principles that can help you begin your puzzle. These usually embody quite a few vowels and will not repeat any letters. Some style choices are: adieu, audio, atone, elevate, and stone.
  • Look out for duplicate letters – It’s easy to overlook the fact that you may need repeat letters in your puzzle. For example, the phrase “snoop” contains a double “o”. This was not clear from Dordle’s indications. Just because you see that a letter is inexperienced in one place doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work in another!
  • Search for 5 letter phrases – We can’t always find the right phrases, so if you’re at a loss try to find phrases of 5 letters that start or end with specific letters based on what you’ve found along with your puzzles so far. This can also help you brainstorm feasible concepts, after which it will help you get higher for the puzzle that follows!

That’s all you need to know about the current dordle solutions. We offer many different video games of this type, please visit the Video Games section of our website for help!

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