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Prey on Hulu is easily the perfect Predator spin-off yet. Passed six sequels to the first Predator film launched 35 years ago, each one getting progressively worse. Acting as a Predator prequel and an origin story of sorts, the seventh film seems promising.

Preques like Prey are uncommon in the entertainment business, where spin-offs and sequels have gotten random and wild, turning any reasonably well-received film into a franchise.


What is the connection between prey and the predator movies?

A young Comanche woman named Naru is the focus of the film. She will point out to her fellow male tribesmen who dislike her expertise that she is a very good warrior. But little did she know that in her quest she would be confronted with a predator unlike any other she had seen.

A dependable warrior, Naru is twice as keen as her handsome companions and has even more stamina than she appears. So when at some point a stranger shows up and starts stalking her while hiding in her forest, Naru quickly suspects that one factor is wrong.

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Naru is perplexed and terrified when the unseen predator finally shows up dismembering a grizzly bear. She shouldn’t be used to this monster endowed with superhuman talents and cutting-edge know-how. However, for viewers who have previously seen the acclaimed Predator and its sequels, this is not the case.

Prey establishes the historical predecessor of the Predator. In this spin-off, set in the 18th century, the aliens we’ve seen so often today in the original and its sequel get their first glimpse of Earth.

With a few small and important allusions, the film is a homage to the franchise and once again reminds us of what is special. There are many scenes throughout the film that bridge the distinctive 1987 image, for example as a result of the trope of the predator transforming the sufferer and hiding from the monster.

The pistol offered by a French supplier to Naru is undoubtedly one of the most notable allusions. We can see Raphael Adolini’s title on the pistol during the climax scene as Naru presents it to the tribal chief.

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If you’re a die-hard Predator fan, you’ll recognize the pistol reference right away. For viewers who aren’t that educated, the weapon is exactly the same one City Hunter gave Danny Glover’s Lieutenant Mike Harrigan in Predator 2. This serves as a connecting thread between the two films that Prey reveals to us.

Will the film be delivered as a worthy sequel to the original?

The depiction of Native Americans in Prey is one of the most intriguing choices. Today’s television is dominated by revelations like Reservation Dogs and Rutherford Falls, making illustration a very important part of any delicate portrayal in a film. Hulu’s Predator spin-off is commendable for featuring a stable made up almost entirely of natives, led by Amber Midthunder as Naru.

Additionally, the chemistry between Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers, who play siblings Taabe and Naru, who share a hot and cold relationship, works great. Patrick Aison, the screenwriter, deserves credit for creating a stable that works so well collectively and is mutually reinforcing.

Seeing the movie on a small show seems like a waste, even though Hulu and Fox have teamed up as best they can to get it out there on a streaming platform from the comfort of their own home. Prey is a film that should be seen in a cinema due to its well-choreographed motion scenes, attractive graphics, and fearsome predators that would seem far more deadly in a big show.

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Although the film purports to be a prequel, it doesn’t provide us with any data on the predator’s historical past. We are merely confirmed as an extraterrestrial being settling in Comanche territory and hunting its prey in search of the right kill. By the end of the film, viewers are left wondering what the exact genesis of the predator is and whether or not more of its kind might emerge if Hulu continues to air the film.

Prey is sometimes credited for being among the many, many biggest Predator spinoffs. The Hulu movie is a must-see for anyone who likes Predator, mostly because it’s packed with movement and thrills.