Do Venezuelans have plans to ‘enjoy’ the 2022 holiday season? – Participate in our survey

A man prepares the awnings at Anare beach in La Guaira, Vargas state, Venezuela, October 30, 2020 amid the new coronavirus pandemic. – Tourists began to return after the Venezuelan government allowed tourist complexes to reopen amid the gradual easing of the quarantine declared in the Caribbean country in mid-March. (Photo by Federico PARRA / AFP)

Venezuelans are poised for a new vacation season, but the economic crisis continues to envelop citizens, making them question whether they can “enjoy” the high cost of travel packages in and out of the country.

Inflation, transport problems, the lack of quality of public services and the country’s recovery from Covid-19 are the main factors affecting Venezuelans this season.

With this in mind, the LaPatilla team would like to know the perspective of Venezuelans before the arrival of the holidays and if they have any plans to “enjoy” this year 2022.

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