Do not use these words as WhatsApp will ban your account

Yes OK Whatsapp New updates and tricks presented week after week, such as the method of changing the color of the font in the application, new measures are also known to protect the user.

Various words have emerged in the past few hours that, while not considered “prohibited,” are enough for the intelligence service to decide to suspend the account if used.

Do not use these words as WhatsApp will ban your account

As part of company policy and messaging service measures, WhatsApp penalizes all types of accounts that devote so much effort to creating informational spam such as sharing harmful or unsafe content for mobile phones.

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Misleading information, false information or even the publication of untruths are sufficient reasons for an account to be blocked. The same goes for the discriminationthe bullying and what pertains to the obscene.

The words “forbidden” or that whatsapp will ban this account when using refer to the pedophilia Wave Pornography and threatening, violent, intimidating and hate speech.

How to prevent “Forwarded” from appearing in WhatsApp

It should be noted that this function can be performed on both devices Android than iOS and there is no need to download any external application on WhatsApp.

Therefore, only a series of steps need to be followed:

  • Enter any WhatsApp conversation.
  • Click on the text you want to forward.
  • Instead of choosing the “Forward” option, the text should be copied.
  • Go to the conversation you want to paste the message into.
  • insert and send
  • This way, the contact in question does not know whether you forwarded the message or received it from somewhere else.
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