Custom ROM / Android firmware for latest smartphones 2020

Custom ROM / Android firmware for latest smartphones 2020 – Technological advances aimed at facilitating human action cannot be separated from the various innovations created.

One of these conveniences is the existence of smartphones of different types, also there are multiple operating systems used on smartphones.

The most widespread smartphone is an Android smartphone, perhaps this one smartphone is easy to use and offers a variety of interesting functions.

Then there are many applications that Android users can download and Android smartphones and tablets also usually come with advanced specifications.

Maybe it depends on some brands and the price sometimes decides whether the device is good or not.

Of course, it offers its own convenience for Android users, in addition, you can change the appearance of your Android.

Well according to the above title where we are going to explain the details and research the list of cool and good custom Android ROMs.

In addition, we offer a comparison by choosing which custom ROM is compatible or compatible with your phone.

For those of you who use Android, you may have heard of the term Custom ROM Android, otherwise we will explain it in detail.

What are custom ROMs?

Custom ROM firmware Android

Custom ROM is an Android operating system modified in some ways, moreover, Custom ROM is also an alternative firmware to replace the stock firmware on Android.

This is why one can try to use the code included in Android since Android OS is / Open Source aka Free Operating System.

So don’t be surprised if someone who really understands it can change it like this on the Android phone platform.

For those of you who want to install a custom ROM on your Android smartphone or tablet, make sure you know how to do it.

However, what you need to keep in mind is that not all Android smartphones support the use of custom ROMs.

But in fact there are many that usually support smartphones priced in the million-plus range. Many support the use of custom ROM.

Then there is usually a list of devices that are compatible with Android smartphones or Android tablets and can be installed on the official website of the available custom roms.

The ramifications of aligning a custom ROM with an Android device will cause damage to the Android OS itself. Make sure the selection of a custom ROM matches your Android device.

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That’s why we recommend some compatible/suitable custom ROMs to install on your Android phone.

In order to make the custom ROM process smooth without any risk of custom ROM failure, the article doesn’t include some custom ROMs that sometimes don’t fit your Android phone.

Also in this article, you can choose the best and smoothest custom ROM as you like from various custom ROMs available.

For those of you who already understand and want to create a custom ROM on your Android phone.

This article is the perfect choice to choose the most suitable ucstom Android ROM for your Android phone.

Okay, let’s take a clear look at the list of the best custom Android ROMs that are best for Android phones. The following is a custom Android ROM/firmware you should know about.

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Custom ROMs on Android

Here we are doing comparative research on some of the existing custom ROMs, so we share a number of alternative custom ROMs that are compatible with many Android devices.

1. Lineage OS


LineageOS is the successor of a custom rom very popular among Android users and continues the struggle of CyanogenMOD. Of course, you might be wondering about the departure of CyanogenMOD.

We think that LineageOS brings changes and full features compared to its predecessor CyanogenMOD. This is good news, of course, because the departure there is also the arrival of new products.

Did you know that lineageOS also has a simpler launcher with a camera app with tons of features?

And some default applications are deliberately designed not to take up free disk space. Applies to internal storage or RAM. like its older brother CyanogenMOD.

Lineage also has a volume profile that automatically adjusts the smartphone volume under certain conditions.

There are also privacy features in lineage that allow you to control which installed apps are used.

If you choose not to grant access to certain applications, Lineage will send valid data to prevent your personal information from being disclosed.

The main advantage is that using LineageOS Custom Rom can increase the speed of the smartphone. Of course, this is very useful even if the old phone feels like new.

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2. Cyan Mod

Second in line now is Cyanogenmod, Cyanogen Mod is the choice of many Android users who want a custom rom with an alternative.

No wonder many users are happy with cyanogenmod as cyanogenmod itself has proven to be very stable and speed updates are available.

Apart from that, cyanogenmod also provides a list of compatible smartphones and a guide to easily install cyanogenmod custom ROMs.

To be better compatible with Android devices, this custom ROM looks almost the same as the original Android, but Cyanogen doesn’t come with default applications that are usually very annoying.

Even if it doesn’t come with default heavy applications, cyanogenmod is still the best because it has additional applications that are very light and don’t burden the system, so don’t worry about your system later.

The reason for this is that Cyanogenmod comes with people’s belief in a lightweight alternative operating system.

Usually, people are uncomfortable with standard applications that disrupt and burden the system.

Cyanogenmod is the best custom rom that can help you solve this problem.

In addition to the Custom Cyanogenmod Rom, it is possible for Android users to install a Custom Rom on an Android smartphone. Download Cyanogen directly from the respiration site


Pac Rom is an alternative custom ROM that we think is the most compatible with the ability to adapt to Android devices.

As with the Pac Man character who consumes what’s in front of him, Pac Rom can customize his own Android device.

Because of its power, many people refer to pac-rom as all-in-one custom rom, which means one custom rom combines all custom roms into one pac rom.

Pac Rom is known for its stability, which makes you want to create a custom ROM if you don’t have a problem.

In general, PAC-ROM collaborates on some of the best custom ROMs that make Pac ROMs better than the best, so you can try them yourself and download them from the official website.

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4. Android paranoid

Still similar to the features offered by CyanogenMod, which paranoid android also offers a similar appearance to the stock androi.

But the difference is that Android Paranoid offers many additional features. For those of you who want more convenience than paranoid Android, the best solution is custom Android ROMs.

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Apart from that, a feature in Paranoid Android Pie Control is that you can easily navigate, change app colors and change modes of tablets, smartphones and phablets.

It’s great friends, it’s not just Paranoid Android that offers a lot of features, and what’s even more surprising is that Paranoid Android is still running and fits perfectly on low spec Android.

In other words, Paranoid is the best Paranoid custom Android ROM solution, both high-end and down-specs, and the best custom ROM you can use.

5. Liquid smooth

liquid smooth

In general, the custom ROMs available tend to combine looks with a variety of attractive, simple, and easy-to-recognize themes.

However, Liquid Smooth usually differs from custom roms with a smooth liquid that highlights good performance and features and fits your smartphone perfectly.

But friends can embellish this custom rom as much as they want. The advantage of Liquid Smooth over other custom ROMs is that you can change the basic settings.

For example only on android which turns on when charging so you can change it to off mode too.

Then there’s the overclocking feature, which is simpler and ideal for those of you who like to feel comfortable while gaming.

6. Custom ROM AOKP

Sixth place is taken by AOKP Custom ROMs, Aokp stands for Android Open Kang Project.

This custom ROM will have quite a lot of features, a custom ROM with a unicorn logo or a horse horn that has special features and recommendations.

Then at AOKP we like the tape-to-wake function, that is, if you leave the smartphone on the table, the screen turns off or goes to sleep.

Then when you want to wake it from sleep mode, just tap the screen with your finger.

For using RAM, aokp is not too high, i.e. aokp custom ROM is very good for you to use on android smartphone as it fits various existing smartphones very well.

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Therefore, hopefully our article on Custom ROM / Android Firmware for the Latest Smartphone 2020 will help you in choosing a Custom ROM for your smartphone.

Thank you for reading our article and until the next article.