CooCoo WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk Latest Version Anti locked – Coocoo Whatsapp can be used as an alternative for those of you who want to have more features than WhatsApp online messaging application. Many important functions can be obtained from the modified application. Of course, the function in question is not obtained from the original version that you could download through the Playstore.

It is certain that WhatsApp is the most used by Android and iPhone users for the category of online messaging applications. A total of 5 billion downloads on Android and 2 billion in the AppStore are certainly no small number. In Indonesia, users of the application, also known as WA, make up more than 80% of the total population. Not only that, Whatsapp also has the most active users when calculated every day.

This fantastic number of users can be called reasonable considering the functions and features provided. As an online messaging application, Whatsapp has more than enough features for chatting, calling and sending files. Not that all parties would be happy with the features in question. The proof is that there are so many modded versions that you can get for free, one of which is the coocoo mod apk.

Latest Coocoo Whatsapp Apk Features

Similar to the modded WA version, Coocoo Whatsapp Apk also comes with various additional features that will surely come in handy. However, in this mod application, the main feature focuses more on video calls. Here are the full features that can be accessed!

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Transparent WhatsApp theme

It’s pretty boring when you just get the same look without any features replacing it. Green and white are the identical color of the online messaging application Whatsapp and you cannot easily replace them. One of the features of this version of the Coocoo mod allows you to make the theme look transparent without using other additional applications.

In addition, there are many other free themes available that you can use if you don’t want a transparent one. Just open the WA mod application, go to the theme menu and select the look you want. Easy right?

download status

It’s a well-known fact that the WA official application fails to download other people’s statuses. One reason is to protect privacy. But that doesn’t mean if you use the Coocoo Apk where you can download other contact statuses with just one click.

Data protection preserved

You can also find this feature if you are using any other modified version of Whatsapp. The privacy in question is hiding the online status even though you are online, removing the two blue ticks and also no sign of “enter” when replying to messages. In addition, you can also block Whatsapp application directly from the application in question.

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Filter video call

The next feature is coocoo WhatsApp video call effect or also called filter. Just like in Tiktok or other applications that also include filters, you can add effects when making a video call. There are more than 70 effects that you can use for free in this one application pack. The most used function menu is One-Click Beauty, which allows you to beautify your appearance with just one click, even if you are ugly.

color phone

We’ve already said that the Coocoo mod prioritizes providing features for using the phone. The color phone allows you to change the theme during a video call. The phone call features are complete because when they are combined you get effects to beautify the video appearance as well as the video call appearance theme.

Anti forbidden

Any online message modification application should offer an anti-ban feature. This is because the use of the application in question is not allowed by the official developer. Well, this feature can at least alleviate worries related to blocked accounts. Even so, you should be careful when using it because it can happen at any time if you get caught.

Download the latest Coocoo WhatsApp 2021

It’s time you decide whether or not you want to use the application as a replacement for the original version of WhatsApp. If you have decided to do this, please download the latest Coocoo Whatsapp from the link we provide. Remember that you don’t have to look for it in the Playstore because you won’t find it. Because all changed applications are not officially registered there.

  • Nama APK: Coocoo WhatsApp
  • Version: 5.1.0
  • Size: 42MB
  • Developer: –
  • Link download:
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How to install the latest version of Coocoo Whatsapp

The steps to install a modded application are actually different from the official version of the application on playstore. Previously, you had to allow unknown sources first. This can be done from the settings on any Android phone. Here is the complete way!

  1. Log in ‘arrangement‘.
  2. Continue ‘Additional settings‘.
  3. Choose ‘security and privacy’.
  4. Slide the switch right to the ‘unknown source’.
  5. Go to the folder where the file was previously downloaded.
  6. Press on the file name.
  7. click ‘To install‘ in the notification that appears.


This is the discussion as well as important information from Coocoo Whatsapp that we can transmit. If there is any question whether the mod version of the Apk is safe to use, the answer is it depends. Even if the developer claims that the application they are creating is safe and anti-ban, you should still be careful because your behavior is against the official developer guidelines.