Cheap Taft GT Car Prices: Check Specs & Benefits

Daihatsu Taft F70 or better known as Taft GT is a car that is still popular despite being more than 30 years old. The price of the Taft GT car is cheap and tends to be stable.

This Taft GT car is still being chased by adventure lovers and off-road. Are you one of those people keeping an eye on this car? First, let’s look at the information on the following Daihatsu Taft GT.

Taft used car prices

Taft GT cars are available in used condition at a great price. Below are prices for used and cheap used Taft GT cars, as well as other Taft variants, in order of lowest price:

Type Year Price
Mobil Taft GT Independent 2.5 4×4 1981 IDR 45 million
Mobil Taft GT 4×4 Diesel M/T 1992 IDR 65 million
Taft Kebo 4×4. Auto 1981 IDR 65 million
Mobil Taft GT Independent 4×4 1997 IDR 100 million
Mobile Daihatsu Taft 2000 IDR 115 million
Mobile Taft Rocky Independent 2000 IDR 120 million
Mobil Taft GT Independent Diesel 1996 IDR 129 million
Mobil Taft late diesel 2.5 1993 IDR 138 million
Mobil Taft 2.8 Rocky SUV diesel 2000 IDR 160 million

Specifications of the Daihatsu Taft GT

The Daihatsu Taft GT was introduced in 1985 to replace the retired second generation. As a sort best offroad carDaihatsu Taft F70 is equipped with tough specifications.

Diesel engine 4 cylinders coded DL41 2,765 cc with manual 4-speed gearbox is larger than the previous generation.

The machine also has technology indirect injection capable of generating power up to 72 hp. Then this machine is already given timing gear as a valve actuator with an in-line injection pump.

However, in 1988 the DL41 diesel engine was updated with the DL42 of the same capacity. That’s the difference timing belt as a valve actuator with a rotary injection pump replacing the in-line injection pump.

Then, Car with manual transmission It also underwent a transmission update in 1991, originally only going from four-speed to five-speed.

This car has a 2+2 seat which is quite spacious with standard equipment such as: Power steering and central door lock Pull hinge model.

Then the Taft GT car is also equipped with seat belts, halogen headlights, voltmeter, tachometer, 4WD indicator and a digital clock.

Daihatsu Taft GT at a glance

The Taft GT is the third generation of the most iconic Daihatsu Taft car. In fact, many people call Taft GT for all variants of this generation. This car has been around the longest compared to other generations, from 1985 to 1995.

The successor to the second generation Daihatsu Taft F50 is favored by various groups, especially those living in plantation, project or mining jobs.

Daihatsu Taft F70 has two variants, Short wheelbase (SWB) then Wide wheelbase (LWF), launched in 1986. Both use a 4×4 engine, hence they are known as Taft GT 4×4 cars.

However, the LWB type is only introduced into the type pick up only. Thanks to his success PT Astra Daihatsu engine launched the Daihatsu Taft F69 Hiline, a 4×2 version of the Daihatsu F70.

Daihatsu Taft F69 has three wheelbase different, incl short (Daihatsu TaftHiline GTS), Middle (Daihatsu Taft F69 Hiline GTX), then long (Daihatsu Taft F69 Hiline GTL).

The advantages of the Daihatsu Taft GT car

Although this Taft GT car is cheap, it has several advantages that make it not lose fans. Below are a number of benefits offered by the Daihatsu Taft GT:

The view is stunning

The main reason why this car hasn’t lost its fans is its dashing and elegant looks despite being old.

The body size of this car, which is quite high, contributes to its performance. Even the height of the Taft GT surpasses its competitor, the Suzuki Jimny.

high performance

The performance of this car is no joke. The reason for this is that the strength or power of the car gets fierce thanks to the 2.8 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine that it has. This Daihatsu Taft GT car can support activities off-road easy.

Fuel efficient

The Taft GT’s fuel economy is unquestionable. This car is quite fuel efficient because it uses diesel so it’s still usable today. For example, the 1991 Daihatsu Taft consumed 1 liter of diesel fuel per 10.2 km.

In addition, the Taft GT is also considered safe despite using inferior diesel.

Inexpensive maintenance

Even if it’s decades old Spare part mobile still plenty. The price of spare parts for Taft GT cars also tends to be cheap. price for example shockbreaker A set with a 70cm Monroe tag costs IDR 450,000.

Disadvantages of the Taft GT mobile

In addition to the advantages, the Taft GT also has weaknesses that should be considered when buying. The following are a number of Taft GT weaknesses:

  • Passengers will easily overheat because the fan cannot be relied on to cool passengers.
  • The clutch is so hard that it takes some getting used to. They also outsmart it by replacing the clutch device with the type Quietly.
  • The high temperature of the diesel engine, so that the process of evaporation of the engine oil occurs quickly. Taft GT owners should check their oil regularly.
  • The turning radius of this car is small in its class. As a result, the driver will have difficulties when he has to drive a lap U-turn.

Pay attention before you buy a cheap Taft GT car

If you’re looking to buy an old car like this Daihatsu Taft GT, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Whichever variant of the Daihatsu Taft you will buy, you should pay attention to the following things:

1. Machine condition

Make sure you have checked the engine as the main component in a car. car engine should not sound too loud, vibrate too much, or emit black smoke. Generally, when these three problems occur, the car has a faulty engine.

2. Car Legs

If you want a cheap Taft GT car in used condition but the condition of the legs is crooked then it can be dangerous.

To test it you can ask test drive to the owner and then carry it on a straight and level road.

If it turns out that the legs are balanced on the right and left, then the condition is good. And conversely, if it feels unbalanced, then you have to fix it auto repair shop next.

3. Battery condition

The most important thing is the battery. Since Taft still has a conventional diesel engine and heated spark plugs (glow plug), then the battery must be large. Different to mobile diesel On the latest, having already turned on the ignition key, the engine can start immediately.

Therefore, in order to make the battery more durable, the owner can replace the supply current with a larger current and use an IC to replace the regulator system.

4. Complete the letter

Whatever type of car you buy, you should make sure that the file is complete. Make sure the Daihatsu Taft GT bought at a low price has the same engine and frame numbers as listed on the STNK and BPKB.

Also, the letters must be in the name of the original owner of the car. If not, you will have trouble later when you want to change your name.

Tips from Lifepal! Daihatsu Taft F70 or Taft GT is a car that still has many fans despite being more than 30 years old. The price of the Taft GT is also cheap and tends to be stable.

Although this Taft GT car is cheap, it has several advantages that make it not lose fans. If you are looking to buy an old car like this Daihatsu Taft GT, there are a few important things to consider and check.

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Affordable Taft GT car insurance tailored to your needs

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Questions about cheap Taft GT cars

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