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Yesterday’s news of celebrity couple Mizz Nina and Noh Hujan’s divorce certainly left fans sad as many knew they had been married for 11 years.

The couple also officially announced their split on their respective Instagram accounts to clarify their relationship.

The comments section on Mizz Nina’s Instagram has been filled with words of encouragement and best wishes for her, even though they are no longer husband and wife.

“God is with those who are patient”

Among those supporting Mizz Nina is a famous actress who also faces problems in her household, Princess Sarah Liyana.

Through Sarah’s Insta Story, she has offered words of encouragement to Mizz Nina and hopes the celebrity will always be strong and patient to receive tests from Allah SWT

“I’ve always adored you. May it continue to be strong. In fact, God is with those who are patient,” he wrote.

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wish them the best

Aside from Puteri Sarah, many other artist friends left comments on the Instagram section of this former Teh Tarik Crew group member and they all supported and prayed that he may continue to live his life in the future.

Princess Sarah, who appears to have supported what happened to Mizz Nina, has received a lot of attention until there are comments she needs. Among the comments there is a reference to maintaining husband’s shame.

Comments from netizens:

Kuala Lumpur: Celebrity couple Mizz Nina and Noh Salleh are said to have argued yesterday outside Syariah Lower Court in East Gombak District, here.

Harian Metro sources said the couple first filed for divorce in the same court on June 14.

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Their divorce is understood to be under case code 055, which is a request for a court-authorized divorce.

Meanwhile, attempts by Harian Metro to get a statement from Mizz Nina have been unsuccessful as messages sent have gone unanswered.

Earlier, a Twitter user @thentang tweeted about the matter, who then quoted the name of the group’s lead singer, Hujan, when asked by another user.

“I’m more afraid to get married when I hear about these divorcees. Today (yesterday) a celebrity couple who had a good time in front of the media got divorced near East Gombak Court this morning. But the messages are not ‘covert’ either.

Previously, this newspaper reported that Noh, 37, or his real name is Mohammad Noh Salleh, had denied rumors of a rift in his family that spread on social media on July 13.

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“I don’t know, no comment. You all have t1pu… good luck,” he said when hit by the media.

Then, a few days later, Mizz Nina, 42, or her real name is Shazrina Azman, uploaded a post to Instagram that seemed to give an indication that she is going through a difficult time and evoked various reactions from netizens.

Still tight-lipped about her marriage claim to Noh, the comments section was filled with wishes for the best for Mizz Nina.

The couple married on July 2, 2011. Around this past April, the couple introduced Musa as an adopted child to beautify their household.

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