Buffalo Bills fans won’t stop sending toilet paper in bulk to Von Miller (VIDEO)

If you have a problem, Bill’s Mafia will fix it.

From breaking tables on tailgates to massive donations to opponents’ charities, their fan base is one of the most passionate in the NFL world.

The fanbase is already seeing first-hand von Miller, who just signed a six-year, $120 million deal with Buffalo. During a news conference on Thursday, he said fans are sending him “crates upon crates upon crates” of assorted toilet paper at the dormitories at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, NY, where the Bills have their training camp.

During his first media availability at training camp, the edge rusher was asked what it was like staying in the dorms during training camp. He described the experience as “different” for a 33-year-old living in dormitories.

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“I’m 33 years old and the toilet paper is different, the beds are different, no TV in the dorm. It’s a little bit different,” Miller said. “You have to make your bed and change and do all those things every day. It takes some getting used to, but I’m all for it.”

Fans saw his complaints about toilet paper and started helping him.

“The last time I was here I said something about the toilet paper and four days later I was getting all kinds of toilet paper just in the mail and wipes and plant-free wipes from all kinds of fans,” Miller said Thursday.

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He said the first thing I received was a four pack, then a pack of eight, then there were some wipes.

“Fans are always great, but this is just different,” Miller said. “You say one thing in front of the media, you don’t even expect it to explode like that, and it explodes, and you have fans reaching out and so many different vibes and so many different people trying to help out and make it great time here. I am thankful for.”

In 2021, Miller appeared in 15 games for the Rams and Broncos, recording 50 tackles, 9.5 sacks, one forced fumble and one pass deflection.

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