Boar impresses Hulk and destroys metal security gate

A close relative of the domestic pig is the wild boar. Wild boar subspecies are similar in size and appearance but have different colors. These creatures are of medium size. They can grow to nearly six feet in length, nearly 40 inches in height, and weigh from 176 to 386 pounds.

The wild boar is an extremely adaptable animal that you can find in a variety of habitats. This creature will eat almost anything it can fit in its mouth and can both sprint and hover. Tigers, wolves, and leopards are some of the larger cats that serve as their natural enemies.

Much of central Europe, the Mediterranean region and most of Asia down to Indonesia have forests where the wild boar can be found. Like many other wild animals, wild boar can be easily startled and have a fight, flight, or freeze response.

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On a seemingly normal day, a wild boar was running through the woods when it came to the edge of the sidewalk of a busy road. Unaccustomed to vehicles, it quickly became fearful. Thanks to a conveniently placed security camera, we can see what happens next.

As a few cars drive by, the boar rushes across the road only to crash into a heavy metal gate. You’d think a gate like the one in the footage would have stopped the wild beast, but it was no match for the speed of a running boar.

The wild boar can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h. They leave pig cages with 1.50 to 1.80 meter thick barriers and a jump height of less than 1.00 meter. If the animal is startled, it may not be thinking clearly, which is why it didn’t jump over the gate. In fact, he could have made an unsuccessful attempt that would have resulted in a sudden crash.

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Half of the gate ripped off, frightening the animal even more. Causes it to jump over a nearby fence and hide in the bushes. Most of the time, wild boar are nocturnal, hunting from dark until dawn, taking breaks both at night and during the day. This is because hunters are most active during the day.

While it is surprising that this boar was out and about during the day, it is not surprising that he was alone. The older boars become more solitary or occasionally move in small groups with other large boars.

We don’t have an update on this poor creature, but boars are known to be tough. Their sharp tusks and thick skin make such incidents less dangerous. Hopefully he could find a relaxing spot in the bushes to calm himself down before continuing with his enterprise. Check out the exciting video below!

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