“Behind the Character of Adam…” Alif Satar’s Real Life Wife Reveals Another Side in 8 Years of Marriage – Media Comedy

Who does not know the versatile personality of Alif Satar? The excellent talent makes Alif Satar one of the most popular people in Malaysia. Not only among the country’s celebrities who are quite humble, but their personality and demeanor are mature and gentleman To make Alif Satar an idol for the men out there.

Not to mention his status as a husband and father of three. This was personally confirmed by his wife Shadila Halid, wife of Alif Satar. Since Shadila has been living a household with Alif Satar for the past 8 years, she admits that she has experienced many sweet moments sharing her life with a person named Alif Satar.

encounter moments

“We first met in 2010, my co-host on Media Prima (TV9) and Alif was the presenter on Idola Kecil at the time. We spend a lot of time at ground events like Yom Heboh, Sua Rasa and many more. From there we got to know each other and became closer.”

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Obviously Shadila again, “We have so much in common, and can click fast. When you hang out with him, even if you’ve only just met him, and become like best friends.”

Alif Satar’s attitude and behavior at home.

“Oh, this Alif, although he is a gentle person, he is very strictly! Even with myself. He’s very wild, but his heart soft‘ said Shadila again.

So how does Shadila take care of her husband and maintain harmony in the household with the children despite being the wife of a popular personality?

“I’m not kidding. He wants to do everything, it’s up to him. He wants to be a singer, I’m not an actor. Maybe I used to be in the same industry So I know a person’s pace and way of working.

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If you come home late, you have to stay behind, I understand that. We trust each other too. And we both saw the mission and vision of life together as spouses and parents. So let’s focus on that direction.”

So maybe Shadila can offer some domestic happiness advice for couples out there, that’s Shadila’s advice.

You have to be understanding with each other. You and your partner need to understand each other’s careers, hobbies, and interests.

This Alif, when he goes to work and has free time, he wants to ride, horseback riding, archery and so on, I have no problem. The same with me. Everybody needs my time and space for relay right tension. I think that’s the number one tip for any couple, God willing,” Shadila concluded.

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