Beatstar Apk Download for Android [Rhythm Game]

Do you like listening to music and enjoying your free time? If yes then here we have the best available game for all of you to enjoy music games. Download Beatstar on your Android device for unlimited music fun on your phone or tablet.

As you know, people like to listen to music, which is widely spread around the world. So if you are also a music lover who likes to spend time listing different types of songs then stay with us. We are here with the best game for you all to have fun with.

What is Beatstar Apk?

Beatstar App is an Android arcade game that offers fans the best music based game. Discover the unique and latest collection of songs to listen and play in your free time. There are tons of features available for users to explore.

As you know, Android users have multiple types of games available to play and enjoy to spend your quality time. But the most common problem is hard gameplay where people have difficulty playing the game.

So here we are with this amazing game for all of you that is simple but addictive for the players. Various types of features are available for users to easily access and enjoy. So stay with us to learn more about the game.

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Rhythm games in which you not only hear the music but feel it are very popular. So if you want to feel the music in your fingertips then you should try this amazing one 2D game. There are different types of games that users can have fun with.

playing style

The gameplay is all about music where you have to choose your favorite genre. You can choose two of the genres based on your interests. We are going to share with you some of the available genres in the list below that you can access.

  • rock
  • POP
  • Latest hits
  • INDIE/Alternative
  • dance/electronic
  • hip hop

These are the available genres that you can easily access and have fun with. There are several features available for users to explore and have fun with. So in these categories you will find tons of songs to listen to.

The gameplay is quite simple where you need to choose any song and start playing. Here you can spend time and have fun. So you can enjoy playing the songs and have unlimited fun to access and enjoy.

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In the gameplay you have to tap on tiles that are available. You get three rows in which different tiles fall. You have to tap and swipe on the tiles and get points that you can easily access and have fun.

Multiple types of features are available for users that everyone can easily access and enjoy. So win multiple games and unlock more features to explore here. Additional functions are available to users.

So if you are ready to have fun then download this amazing game on your android device and have unlimited fun. There are tons of features available for users that everyone can easily access and enjoy.

We have other similar applications available for the users to explore and have fun with as well. So if you’re ready to explore more, you might as well give it a try arcade hole and Tiger arcade. Both are very popular games available.

App Details

Surname beatstar
size 273MB
execution v22.0.1.21606
package names com.spaceapegames.beatstar
developer space monkey
category Game Room
Price Free
Minimal support required 6.0 and later

Screenshots of the app

How do I download Beatstar Android?

If you want to download the apk file, you don’t need to find the download button here. We are here with the latest version of the game that everyone can easily download from this page. So you don’t have to search the internet and waste your time.

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Find the download button provided at the top and bottom of this page. Once you find the button, all you have to do is tap it once. Once you have made a tip, you have to wait a few seconds. The download process will start automatically shortly after the tap is performed.

main properties

  • Download and play for free
  • Best Arcade Game
  • Rhythm based gameplay
  • Control music at the touch of a button
  • Simple and easy to use
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Multiple styles of music
  • Different genres available
  • Play and unlock more
  • Doesn’t support ads
  • Much more
last words

When you’re ready to have fun, all you have to do is download Beatstar on your Android device. The application offers some of the best and most advanced services that everyone can easily access and enjoy.

download link