Artist friends share words of encouragement and prayers after Mizz Nina, Noh proclaims “God’s best plan” – Teh Tarik Kaw

MESSAGES Percer4ian’s Mizz Nina and Noh Salleh caught the attention of other celebrities, who shared their sadness and offered words of encouragement after the couple announced their split on Thursday.

The post, uploaded by Nina or real name Shazrina Azman, 42, was showered with more than 12,000 comments from fans and fellow artists.

Everyone is praying for Nina to persevere with the suspicion she is currently facing and to send her extra love.

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Noh and Nina officially divorced on Wednesday.

Also among the commentators was Indonesian singer Dewi Sandra, who wished Nina and her family the best.

“May God make all matters easy and give the best for Nina and her family,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Che’s lawyer, Puan Sarimah Ibrahim, shared her sadness and described Nina as a resilient person coping with the situation.

“Nina, my sister. I’m really sad to read this. At the same time, know that you are strong. I know it hurts, but God is as good as a planner.

“May you both remain calm about this accusation and Musa will continue to be loved,” he wrote.

Other celebrities who also share the same sentiment are Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Fazura, Puteri Sarah Liyana, Bella Astillah, Sherry Al Hadad, Fizo Omar, Ajak Shiro and many more.

I know it hurts, but God is as good as a planner


“May God make everything easy. He knows what is best for everyone. I can feel the creaking. Something awaits you both. In good there must be wisdom,” wrote Fizo Omar.

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“May God make everything easier for you and your child,” Fazura said.

“Be patient. God is always with those who are patient,” wrote Puteri Sarah Liyana.

nina 2

Among the encouraging words for Nina.

Nina and Noh made the announcement they were dating Thursday through a sharing on Instagram, after it was reported they had been dating at East Gombak Syariah Lower Court the day before.

They married on July 2, 2011 and have an adopted son named Musa.

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