Ariel’s response when Sule’s child requests to be matched with Alleia Anata – Rizwan Fadilah’s existence calls for an arranged marriage Alleia Anata managed to make Ariel Noah look awkward. This is Ariel NOAH’s answer.

There is no doubt, Rizwan Fadilah, Sule’s third child is now becoming more adept at participating in the entertainment world. This had him inundated with offers to fill several programs with his father.

Apparently Rizwan Fadilah is strongly connected to the spirit of art or comedy. Obviously, his naivety and outspoken demeanor became hilarious.

Just like at an event with Sule recently. Where guest star is Ariel NOAH. Sule son made police Ariel Noah Charmed

Already feeling that he can win her heart through his cuteness, Rizwan boldly urges him to ally himself with Alleia Anata, Ariel NOAH’s only daughter.

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But who would have thought, Ariel NOAH’s surprised attitude actually got the spotlight because it seemed like he wasn’t going to let it. How did Ariel NOAH react? Check out the reviews below.

Ariel NOAH’s response to Rizwan Fadilah asking to be matched with Alleia Anata

First, Njan, as son number three Sule called him, was shown beautiful photos of Ariel’s children on the tablet screen after he asked Ariel NOAH a question.

As soon as he finished seeing the photos, Njan, apparently drawn to Alleia’s beauty, immediately complimented Ariel in front of Ariel.

“It’s so beautiful,” Njan said, covering his face with both hands in embarrassment, the Sule Productions YouTube channel reported on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022.

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The more he likes Alleia, Njan, with confidence and courage, immediately asks Ariel for permission to bring his daughter together with him.

Surprised again, he had dared to call Ariel NOAH by his father’s name. “But Ariel’s father, Njan, has a friend, his son is very handsome, he is very handsome, very kind, happy to help. Now he wants to be matched with his son Mang Ariel Alleia. His name is Rizwan. Fadilah,” Rizwan said.

Ariel NOAH responds to Rizwan Fadilah’s tirade insisting on getting married only child It immediately exhibited unusual behavior.

The 40-year-old, who has been a widow for a long time, greeted Rizwan Fadilah’s words with a rather awkward laugh.

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In fact, his attitude seemed to make it clear that he didn’t want to let it happen. This is apparently because Ariel NOAH is a possessive father figure to his son.

For Alleia Anata is his only daughter.

“Just be possessive. For example, pay attention to when, where, by when. Yes, that’s all,” Ariel told NOAH when asked how possessive he was of Alleia.

It didn’t stop there, when Rizwan asked Fadilah to see Alleia’s photo, Ariel’s response to NOAH seemed reluctant to show his son’s face.

“Want to see where Njang is,” Njan said when asking to see Alleia’s photo. “Nothing, not brought (child)” said Ariel NOAH hastily.