Apparently, this is an easy way to plant heavy-fruiting eggplants.

Apparently, this is an easy way to grow eggplant. It’s fun to buy, why not grow your own? Save money and eat “fresh” eggplant every day.

Follow Brother Azuan Abdullah’s account of how to grow eggplant.

This is the eggplant we planted. There isn’t even a tree to eat. Unfortunately, this ripens early because the fruit is very thick. Didn’t have time to update support.

We plant on a plot. The planting plot is paid for by the member who planted it. Use bricks. It is 3 feet wide, 8 inches high and 12 feet long.

Use mixed soil as the planting medium. How mixed soil is prepared follow TOL principles.

Fertilization uses a combination of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Spray steel for organic foliage such as Fish Mole, Fertile Mole, Fruit Mole, Eggshell Steel Strength, and Bone Steel Strength.

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Pest control uses homemade organic poison. Just type ‘instant control’ on fb, it will show the details shared by AA.


This is a simple guide so that the eggplants we plant bear heavy fruit.

1. Seven days before planting, pour the mixed soil into the planting tray and frost it. The ratio is 1 part hill soil + 1 part chicken manure compost + 1 part sand.

2. Watering with a solution of fish mole + fertile mole three days before planting. The fertile mole that AA typically uses is the banana stick mole.

Water until the surface of the soil is wet. The dilution rate for 1 liter of water is 2ml mole fish and 2ml mole banana stalk.

3. A day before planting, dig a hole about 10-15 cm deep. Put 5 grams of NPK compound fertilizer 15:15:15 in the hole. Clean the hole a little.

4. Plant seedlings aged 30-35 days after sowing. Choose healthy and disease-free seedlings. It is best to plant in the evening to avoid seedling stress.

5. Water sufficiently after planting. Then sprinkle with homemade organic poison. I usually use instant controls. You can search my fb for how to do this.

6. Rinse with clean water every 1-3 days depending on the moisture of the medium. It is best to rinse in the morning. Try to avoid watering in the evening as this can disrupt the chemical process of the tree.

7. Irrigation with fish mole + banana stalk mole (fertile) is carried out once a week. The dilution rate for 1 liter of water is 2 ml of fish and 2 ml of banana stalks.

8. This “Instant Control” organic poison spray is made regularly 2 times a week. It is best to spray in the evening.

9. The first fertilization occurs in the second week. Make a groove around the tree. Sprinkle 10 grams of NPK 15:15:15 compound fertilizer into the furrow. Close the groove again. Water sufficiently.

10. Organic foliar spray to accelerate growth is done in the first week. Use a combination of Mol Fish + Mol Banana Stalks + Bone Strength.

11. AA Remove all side shoots in the third week. It’s ok if you don’t want to throw it away. Just don’t save too much. Just keep 3-4 stems for easy management.

12. The second fertilization occurs in the fourth week. Make a groove around the tree. Sprinkle 10-20 grams of mixed fertilizer NPK 12:12:17 in the furrow. Close the groove again. Water sufficiently. Repeat this process every 2 weeks.


This is one of the methods we practice and it works very well.

Usually the eggplant tree begins to bloom 3-4 weeks after planting. It can be harvested around 3-4 weeks after flowering.

This eggplant tree can live for a long time if properly cared for. 3-4 months is normal. At AA’s home, some are as young as 6-7 months.

Can get tens of kilograms for 1 tree. I didn’t finish eating. Ready to give it back to relatives.

Hopefully useful friends!

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