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Beautiful actress Anzalna Nasir and her husband Mohamad Hanif Zaki gave birth to their second child, Mohamad Emirhan, via caesarean section on May 20.

Tidak Loket, who has shared photos and videos of beautiful moments with his cute children with fans, has indirectly drawn attention to the baby essentials his son is wearing.

A video shared on his Instagram two days ago shows his second child sleeping while wearing a blanket from leading brand Fendi and Boss’s milk bottle. Guess how much it costs?

It’s quite expensive, but isn’t it a waste to use these expensive items?

In response to this question, Anzalna said in a previous partnership that she has never bought counterfeit goods for her children and has no regrets spending money on buying quality goods since children are the breadwinners for her.

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He added that it’s better to shop on your own terms, even if it’s not a branded product, than to buy counterfeit goods.

“No fake stuff! Pity the child if people know. make it embarrassing It’s better to shop by your ability, even if it’s not a brand,” he wrote.

Anzalna is right and what is wrong if she can afford it! Because if we use branded goods, the quality is of course much better.

Anyway, measure the clothes on your own body.

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