An ex-BBC presenter has been found guilty of stalking in the Alex Belfield trial

Former local BBC radio presenter and YouTuber Alex Belfield has been found guilty of stalking four people, including broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

At Nottingham Crown Court, former radio presenter Alex Belfield, who previously worked for BBC Radio Leeds, has been found guilty of all four stalking charges.

During a trial, the former radio presenter, who hosted at BBC Radio Leeds, was revealed to have been seen repeatedly posting or sending out abusive messages, videos and emails. During the trial, he was referred to as “Jimmy Savile of Trolling”. Belfield was found guilty of “simple stalking” in relation to Channel 5 and BBC Radio 2 presenter Mr Vine and theater blogger Philip Dehaney after a Nottingham Crown Court jury agreed that he caused two victims significant anxiety or caused distress.

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Also, Mr. Vine testified against Belfield, telling the jury, “This troll isn’t your typical one. The Jimmy Savile of trolling is that.” Mr. Vine likened seeing Belfield’s video output to swimming in the dirt, claiming that it hurt like I had a fish hook in my face and that the only way to end the suffering was to is to remain still.

After 14 hours and 27 minutes of deliberation, the jury found the YouTube host guilty. In recent years, the presenter started a station called Celebrity Radio. In addition, the 42-year-old was found guilty of stalking Ben Hewis, a videographer, and BBC Radio Northampton presenter Bernie Keith. Belfield testified in court that after expressing his right to freedom of expression in his correspondence with the applicants, he was the target of a “witch hunt” on social media and a “witch hunt” by other broadcasters.

The court was told that the network suffered a spate of hostility online when false and totally unfounded allegations were made regarding the alleged theft of $1,000.

Prosecutor John McGuinness QC, presenting the Crown’s evidence last month, explained that Vine has faced a “constant onslaught” of offensive tweets and YouTube videos in 2020. The moderator, the court heard, faced a wave of hatred online when he made erroneous and totally baseless allegations regarding the alleged theft of $1,000.

After the BBC donated the money to a memorial fund set up to honor a friend of the broadcaster, Belfield reportedly developed a “dislike, maybe even disgust” for Mr Vine. Mr Vine testified, saying: “It alarmed and worried me and it scared me. In the past I’ve had a real stalker stalk me.” Compared to this guy, that’s a picnic.

It’s hitting you like an avalanche of hate.” Former BBC North leader Rozina Breen, as well as former BBC Radio Leeds presenters Liz Green and Stephanie Hirst, and allegations of stalking by former staff member Helen Thomas have all been leveled at Belfield rejected. Mr McGuinness told jury: “Despite the fact that some people were indeed concerned that Mr Belfield was visiting their homes as a result of what Alex Belfield had done, it is not implied that the defendant’s actions involved physical stalking .

The form of stalking involved in this case is different and more akin to online trolling. The alleged victims did not want Alex Belfield to contact them, nor did they want to see or hear what he said about them. Prosecutors allege that although he knew or was aware that he was harassing her, he continued to harass her unceasingly to the point where it seriously alarmed or worried her and negatively impacted her daily life. He was released on bail and will be sentenced on September 16.

Alex Belfield Age, Family, Early Life

Alex Belfield’s date of birth is January 14, 1980 and his place of birth is Nottinghamshire, England. He is now 42 years old. He holds British nationality and is of White ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Alex Belfield has banned the media from getting details about his family, so no details are available.

Alex Belfield wife what about his relationship?

According to reports on social media, Alex Belfield is married and his wife’s name is unknown.

Alex Belfield’s career, What is his job?

radio career

Belfield began his career in September 1997 as a member of Radio 106’s starting crew. In 1999 he moved to Nairobi, Kenya and began hosting “Belfield at Breakfast” on 98.4 Capital FM. He then went back to the UK and rejoined Century 106 to work on the morning program for the third time. After joining BBC Radio Leicester in September 2001, he began his career on a talk/personality radio show. In January 2004, after 18 months, Belfield joined Mansfield 103.2 FM to host The Lunchtime Mega Phone-in.

In February 2001 he founded his own production company, Alex Belfield Productions. His company creates custom celebrity programs that have been played on over 80 UK radio stations. This site features foreign theater, travel and restaurant reviews, as well as audio and video interviews with celebrities. Since 2009, its content has had over 58.8 million YouTube views, 11.9 million views in 2019, and over 25.8 million unique views.

career as a journalist

Alex has been a freelance writer for The Sun, Sun on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Sunday People and Daily Star. In the national press, he published three exclusive front-page articles and more than 100-page editorials in 2017. In June 2015, Belfield’s greatest international history happened.

After receiving a global exclusivity on a near-fatal incident involving a Criss Angel magic act, he took a flight to New York. He first published the news in the Daily Mirror, which has been picked up by more than 200 publications, including CNN, CBS, FOX and the country’s most popular morning show, the NBC Today Show. Over 789,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube so far.

The video clip was shown around the world in the 2017 TV special Magic Gone Wrong. In August 2015, Belfield drew widespread attention for his controversial interview with Noel Edmonds in the Daily Mirror. This interview was later published in the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Radio Times and discussed on BBC 5 Live, among others.

What is Alex Belfield Net Worth?

We don’t have any specific information about Alex Belfield Net Worth.

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What school and college did he go to?

Details of the high school that Alex Belfield attended or the faculty from which he graduated are currently being verified.

Is it available on any type of social media platform?

Alex Belfield is working at Facebook and Twitter. He has over 43.2k followers on Twitter.

Physical appearance of Alex Belfield’s height, weight

Height Not available
hair colour Blond
eye color Black
weight Not available
body type Fit
sexual orientation Just

Interesting facts about Alex Belfield should be known

nationality British
ethnicity White
Star sign Capricorn
relationship status Married