Alice and Fern welcome a newborn with their Instagram birth post

Alice Bender, known for sharing her life with her baby son Vern on TikTok and Instagram, has welcomed her second child into the world.

As with her first child, Alice gave birth alone at home and gave birth to the same child in the bathtub with only her husband and son.

She has shared multiple photos on Instagram since giving birth, showing her holding her new baby in the tub where she gave birth to her two children.

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Alice welcomes the new baby on Instagram

Alice Bender, formerly a TikTokcom fan, has given birth to her second child. She shared the news on Instagram and posted several photos from the unaided birth at her home.

The pictures were posted: “Just a couple of hours and it’s already taught us a lot.”

In the photos, Alice can be seen naked in her bathtub (although she has censored all types of nudity). The remaining slides show her cuddling her newborn in the bath, feeding the baby and taking cute photos of her new baby.

Did Alice plan to give birth at home?

Alice had planned to give birth where she was when the baby arrived and she didn’t want to go to the hospital.

“I’m a big advocate of doing whatever it takes to make sure you have any type of birth you desire,” she explained on TikTok. I would like to give birth anywhere and the baby will come wherever it goes.”

When asked by a follower if Alice would rather give birth at home or while traveling, she replied, “Both have equal pros and cons, so I don’t have a preference.”

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Alice also gave birth to her fern baby at home

Alice’s first child, Verne, was born alone and at home. Alice discussed her choice on social media, telling her followers that she “didn’t want anyone there,” meaning there’s no midwife, no doula, no photographer.

Almost two years after Verne was born, Alice shared photos of her birth, taken by her husband, on Instagram. She explained, “During the birth there was nothing for me to focus on except the most spiritual thing I had ever experienced.”

In April, didn’t he, he said the only people at the birth of their second child were themselves, her husband and their son. She shared clips of Verne in the bath during labor on her Instagram.

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