Actress Anne Heche was badly burned and injured in a car accident: know what happened

Popular American actress Anne Heche was involved in a frightening car accident in Los Angeles on Friday morning. The 53-year-old actress was rushed to hospital in critical condition after suffering multiple injuries and burns to her body. Read on to find out what happened.

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Heche is known for being the former partner of talk show host Ellen de Generes. Her most notable performances are in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Donny Brasco”. Her last appearance came last year when she played Tammy in 13 Minutes.

A driver sped into a residential area of ​​Los Angeles when her Mini Cooper drove 30 feet into the house. The vehicle caught fire after the collision. The driver was later identified as Heche.

Anne Heche involved in a car accident in Mar Vista

US actress Anne Heche was seriously injured in a car accident. She was speeding near a residential area in Los Angeles and her car jumped 30 feet into a home in Mar Vista on Friday morning. The crash was reported around 11 a.m. at the 1700 block of South Walgrove Avenue.

Los Angeles Fire Department’s Brian Humphrey confirmed the news to local media. Police said the driver was driving a Mini Cooper down a residential street and into a house, possibly after hitting a curb.

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The car jumped through the front yard and into the house. Luckily, the home’s owner was in the backyard at the time of the accident. Therefore they will not be hurt.

Humphrey said the car stopped at a 8,000-square-foot, two-story 1952 house. He also revealed that the accident caused structural damage and fire.

“It took fifty-nine firefighters 65 minutes to reach, contain and completely extinguish the persistent flames within the badly damaged structure and rescue an adult female who was found in the vehicle and was rushed by LAFD paramedics to a hospital in critical condition was brought near.” he added.

A video appears of Anne Heche driving too fast before the accident

TMZ has received and shared a new video showing Anne Heche speeding down a residential street, driving like a maniac. Their Mini Cooper then crashed into a home’s garage, igniting a fire. You can watch the following video:

The video shows Anne’s car flying through the neighborhood and you can also hear the impact. TMZ reports that this happened after the first crash, after which the actress backed up and sped away. She then crashes into a nearby house and sets her vehicle on fire.

If you look closely at the photo of the interior of the car, you will find a bottle with a red cap in the cup holder next to the gear lever. It appears to be a bottle of alcohol. This could mean that Anne was driving while intoxicated, which led to the horrific accident.

How is Anne Heche now?

As a result of the flaming car accident, Anne Heche suffered severe burns from the fire and multiple trauma. The videos and pictures from the news show her clothes were charred and she was taken away on a stretcher covered with a white cloth.

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Another video shows her suddenly getting up on the stretcher. She then starts thrashing wildly as first responders get her into the ambulance. The extent of her injuries and burns is unknown at the time of writing.

She had been taken to a nearby hospital by LAFD paramedics. Her condition is critical and she is being treated. Doctors have confirmed that she is intubated but is expected to live.

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Her condition doesn’t allow doctors to run tests to confirm if she’s been driving under the influence.

Is Anne Heche seriously injured?

Yes, Anne Heche is seriously injured after her Mini Cooper crashed into a residential street and caught fire. Her clothes were badly charred and her body suffered multiple injuries and burns.

She is currently hospitalized and her condition is critical. Fortunately, the actress was able to survive the car accident. A neighbor described what he saw after Anne was rescued: “There was tons of smoke in the house. I think they used the crane to move the car and get the driver out. It was crazy.”

Please keep her in your prayers as we hope she recovers quickly. We will keep you informed of the incident.

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