A petition appears from Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 users, what’s up?

A petition created by Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 users appeared recently. Petition that appeared on the website Change.org The report includes a request for Xiaomi to provide Android 10 updates to mobile users.

The petition contains an expression of disappointment for mobile phone users in Europe. This happened because Xiaomi has not provided updates for the Mi Mix series in the region. As we now know, Xiaomi released MIUI 12 update with base Android 10. Meanwhile, European region Mi Mix series users are still using MIUI 10 with base Android 9.

Why did it happen?

Mi Mix 3 itself is actually included in one of the Xiaomi flagship phones, the specifications offered are high. In fact, the device was the first mobile phone with 5G connectivity to be sold in Europe at the time. So why does it seem like Xiaomi has forgotten its flagship product?

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It turns out that Xiaomi has its own reasons why the company doesn’t provide updates for the series in the European area, namely because the sales figures are far from the target.

Although it comes with qualified specs and 5G connectivity support, the device does not sell well in the market. The reason is that when this device was first sold with a fast 5G connection capability, there was not a single operator in Europe that supported this network. That’s what people are less interested in this Xiaomi flagship.

Mi Mix 3 users in China

Different fate among the users of this series in their home country. In China, Mi Mix 3 users got MIUI 11 update with base Android 10 and it will follow soon with MIUI 12.

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From our observation since writing this article, the petition has been signed 243 times from the target of 500 votes. Do you think the petition will be successful?