“A lot of people think I’m secretive, but I don’t hide anything,” – Amira Othman – Comedy Media

Singer Amira Othman was not left out when many fans asked her when she would end her single life, but her best friend, singer Wany Hasrita, was happily adopted last Friday.

Sharing on her Instagram account, Amira or her real name Nadia Amira Othman, 29, admitted she is still single and has no plans to start a family in the near future.

“Full of my DM (direct message) you say and pray all sorts of things that are good for me. Thank you for the kind prayers.

“This marriage is like life and death, no one knows. Suffice it to say that I have no plans to end my single life anytime soon.

“Many think I’m secretive, but I don’t hide anything, but that’s my honest answer. You are a good prayer,” Amira wrote.

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Meanwhile, Amira also prayed for her best friend Wany, who safely became the wife of Mohd Al-Adib Fahmi Harun in a ceremony at Damansara Perdana last Friday.

“Congratulations to my beautiful friend Wany Hasrita! May you be happy to heaven.

“Wany is a good son, a good friend, goes to Hajj together, goes to Umrah together, everything is the same… marriage is not the same.

“Adib takes care of Wany, okay? I’m so sorry,” Amira wrote again.

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Photo: Instagram by Amira Othman

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