3 ways to register MyPertamina for Pertalite, really easy

How to register MyPertamina for Pertalite

How to register MyPertamina for Pertalite – PT Pertamina (Persero) is currently conducting trial registration of four-wheel vehicles in 50 cities/counties in 27 states through the MyPertamina application. This is intended to make the sale of subsidized kerosene (BBM), including diesel and pertalit, more target-group oriented.

MyPertamina registration can be done online through the MyPertamina website. However, if you have trouble accessing the MyPertamina website, you can register at the nearest gas station. Certain petrol stations have clinics (points of sale) for registration.

“Yes, later on, those who cannot register can come straight to the nearest gas station and be served,” said Irto Ginting, corporate secretary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga some time ago.

When you register your vehicle with MyPertamina at your local petrol station, you will receive a QR code that you can use to purchase additional fuel. These additional fuels include Pertalite and Solar after receiving a QR code from the MyPertamina point of sale employee.

You can laminate the QR code and stick it on the registered vehicle. Also, you can buy Pertalit and Diesel just by showing them. According to the company, the vehicle data is also recorded via the MyPertamina application in order to facilitate the targeted sale of diesel and Pertalit.

By the end of last week, 170,000 vehicles in 13 regions had registered with the MyPertamina app in the first test phase. “The STNK test via the MyPertamina application is still ongoing, with more than 170,000 vehicles already registered,” said Irto.

General terms and conditions for the MyPertamina registration

Alfian Nasution, President Director of Pertamina Patra Niaga, said the initiative was undertaken to set a first record to obtain valid data so that the distribution of subsidized fuel would be more targeted.

The data of the registered users who receive this QR code are part of a data collection on the distribution of specific subsidies such as Pertalit and Solar, so that the selection of the subsidy can be more targeted and see which subsidies are preferred by these users.

In addition, Alfian asked his party not to use the MyPertamina application publicly, but only through a registration that will open on July 1st. He admitted he asked for it.

To register on the subventiontepat.mypertamina.id website, you need to prepare the following requirements and documents:

  • ETC
  • Vehicle STNK
  • vehicle photos
  • Email-address
  • other evidence. If all conditions are met, general users can simply confirm “Register Now”.

How to register MyPertamina for Pertalite

1. How to register MyPertamina online

For those who can register individually by mobile phone or computer, you can directly visit the website page https://subsidepat.mypertamina.id/ to start registering for subsidized fuels like Pertalite and Solar.

The steps or methods to register MyPertamina quoted from the official MyPertamina website are as follows:

  1. Open the website subventiontepat.mypertamina.id or scan the registration QR code. On the registration home page, check the box to confirm that you understand the statement.
  2. Then click Register Now.
  3. Enter your personal information according to your ID in the dedicated column and upload a photo of your ID and a photo of yourself.
  4. Enter the password to change the data.
  5. Make a note of this password and remember it correctly.
  6. If entered correctly, click Next.
  7. Complete your contact details and address. If the possible dates you entered are correct, click Next. Please select the type of funding.
  8. Select the customer type. In the Vehicle Details column, upload a photo of your STNK and a photo of your vehicle and license plate. You must ensure that the photo uploaded is clear and corresponds to the example provided.
  9. Enter the user data of the registered vehicle. Vehicle data and vehicle users can be duplicate or more than one depending on the number of your vehicles. For non-car customer types, fill out the form correctly, then upload a photo of your letter of recommendation and fill in the data fields provided in the letter.
  10. Then enter the data value according to the amount given in the letter of recommendation.
  11. Then enter your password to apply for the eligible vehicle grant.
  12. Make a note of the entered password and remember it. After filling it out completely and correctly, click Next.
  13. Check the Privacy Agreement box and click Subsidized BBM User List. The subsidized BBM customer registration goes through a data verification process within 7 business days.
  14. First, after the subsidy customer’s registration is confirmed, the customer can buy diesel or pertalit by downloading the QR code from the MyPertamina application or the subventiontepat.mypertamina.id website.

2. How to register MyPertamina through the application

  1. First, download the MyPertamina app from the Google Play Store or App Store and register your account by entering your mobile number and creating a PIN.
  2. Then log into your MyPertamina account. Click on the “Registration and Transaction” menu.
  3. Click on the blue banner (box) to register your subsidized BBM, Solar or Pertalite vehicle.
  4. Enter your NIK and password. When registering via the subventiontepat.mypertamina.id website, please fill out the form as before.
  5. The data will be checked within a maximum of 1 working week.
  6. After the data has been validated, open the MyPertamina application and log in.
  7. Then click on the “Registration and Transaction” menu.
  8. Click on the red banner (box) to download the QR code.

3. How to register MyPertamina through gas stations

  1. You can also register MyPertamina to buy Pertalit and Solar at the nearest gas station.
  2. Those who do not have an application form will be assisted by a designated gas station officer.
  3. After registering your vehicle with MyPertamina at your local gas station, you will receive a QR code with which you can buy additional fuels such as Pertalite and diesel.
  4. After receiving the QR code, you can laminate the QR code and stick it on your vehicle.
  5. By showing the QR code you can purchase additional fuels such as Partalite and Diesel.

How to transact Pertalit on MyPertamina

Once the registration process is complete, users will receive a notification via their registered email address. Registered users will also receive a special QR code indicating the data is matched and will be able to purchase Partalite and Solar.

How to use quoted from MyPertamina official website: subventiontepat.mypertamina.id

  • Prepare the QR code received from the website.
  • Show the QR code to the station operator (you can use your mobile phone or the printed one).
  • Depending on the vehicle, fill in auxiliary diesel or Partalite.
  • Make payments using 2 methods namely cash (cash) or cashless with a credit/debit card and MyPertamina.

cash payment process

No transaction processing is required for the MyPertamina application. Purchases of Pertalite and Solar can be paid for in cash by printing out a QR code, taking it to a gas station and then comparing the dates.

Irto Back emphasized that payments for subsequent transactions, both cash and non-cash, remain open to the public. There is no obligation to download the MyPertamina application and no payment is required to use the application, although you can use the application.

It also addresses public concerns about the safety of using cell phones (HP) at gas stations. Irto emphasized that using the MyPertamina application is still safe if you follow the existing rules.

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The mobile phone ban applies to phone calls in hazardous areas within 1.5 meters of gas stations or service stations. The fumes released during charging are dangerous when exposed to cellphone signals.

this is an overview of the process and how to register MyPertamina for Pertalit very easy and very simple.

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