10 Halal Money Making Applications 2021 straight to account

Halal apps to make money – Making money from different halal money making apps is not difficult at all. Most of these Android apps based money making apps just require you to do a variety of light activities.

Watch videos, read articles and play games Game are some of them. Each successful completion of a task earns you points that you can later collect and exchange for cash.

Aside from money, these applications also offer prizes in other forms, such as movie tickets, gift cards, credit cards, and shopping discount cards.

List of Fastest Halal Applications to Make Money

make money through Money making site it is save. As long as you are not asked to do so illegalIs it okay to make money by watching videos or completing surveys?

You can also use this application to make money in your free time. Try these 10 money making apps and easily earn money and other interesting rewards.

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1. Read Applications Plus Earn Halal Money Without Inviting Friends

Applications Read Plus Make Money Halal

You can earn a lot of money by reading news through this application. Baca Plus invites you to read the messages that appear through this application.

Each successful reading activity earns you points that you can collect and convert into money. The news and articles in this application are very diverse, from crime news to sports news.

You can also interact with other users to share ideas. In addition to news, Baca Plus also offers a variety of humorous videos and funny pictures to banish boredom.

2. AppKarma


To get money from this halal money making application you need to complete various tasks given by the application.

The tasks provided are not difficult and can be completed in your free time. Later you get points for each successful task.

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Playing is one of those tasks Game and game scratch cards. The points you have collected can be exchanged for various things Reward.

one reward gift certificates or shopping cards are most commonly redeemed at Amazon, iTunes and Google Plaj.

3. JAKPAT application for Halal Money Makers without capital

JAKPAT Application for Halal Money

JAKPAT is an application that provides reward to anyone who is able to participate in a survey conducted by JAKPAT.

If you have successfully completed the survey, you can redeem points reward with cinema tickets, accessories etc coupon Shopping.

You can also receive donations and various Reward other interesting. JAKPAT itself is an acronym for Popular Consultation.

The surveys in this application are generally easy and interesting. You don’t have to rack your brains or think a lot to take these surveys.

4. BuzzBreak

buzz break

You want to get a lot of information meets viral and most popularTo update fast and make money? If yes, you should try using this app.

BuzzBreak is a halal money-making app that you don’t need to put much effort into making money.

BuzzBreak will deliver various popular videos from around the internet and the latest news discussed by many people.

You just have to watch the videos and messages to get them Reward Interesting. BuzzBreak also declares its app as a modern lifestyle app.

5. Hello

hello 2

Helo isn’t just an app to help you earn money with light activities. This app also acts as a social medium.

You will be connected with many application users from all over the world. In addition, Helo also makes it easier for you to create interesting content.

There are many funny videos you can watch here. You can also share whatsapp status and increase your presence in this app.

Here you can create videos, share and find friends and followers. If there is no obstacle platform This has the potential to get bigger.

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6. Snack video

Snack video 2

Money making app halal, the popularity of which cannot be doubted. You can earn money by watching various funny and interesting videos which you can find here.

You can easily and quickly find and explore the videos here. In addition to watching videos, SnackVideo also offers programs referral.

Through this program you can invite your friends to join this application. Later, each friend who joins by invitation gives you a benefit. SnackVideo can also be a powerful cure for boredom.

7. LIKEit Lite

Probability Lite 1

Not much different from SnackVideo, LIKEit Lite is an app that offers tons of comedy and interesting videos. You can earn money with every video you watch.

LIKEit Lite is equipped with the ability to indicate preferences accordingly story and your darling The number of videos in this application is very large.

Besides videos, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting memes. LIKEit Lite is a lighter version of the LIKEit app.

LIKEit Lite is suitable for those of you who use mobile phones with low specification or mobile phones with not so much memory.

8. Cashzine

cash zine

Cashzine is an application suitable for those of you who enjoy reading and discussing the development of information and the latest issues.

Contents in the form of articles are specially provided for you by this halal money making application. The quality of your reading can determine how much you get paid.

Cahszine takes giving seriously Reward for those of you who can read complex articles. The deeper, more complex and longer the articles you read, the more coins you will get.

You can cash out these points via PayPal, DANA, etc.

9. CashKarma Rewards

CashKarma Rewards

Your opinion is very valuable in this application. CashKarma Reward is an app that tasks you with filling out surveys and various offers.

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You can have opinions and participate in developing the quality of a product and earn money from your work.

The types of surveys in this application are very diverse. CashKarma has worked with many credible institutions and business partners to publish surveys.

The pay you get here is high. You can get additional bonuses if you manage to complete additional activities.

10. The official TikTok money-making app from OJK

Halal Make Money TikTok App

This application does not need much introduction. From funny to heartwarming, you can watch a variety of interesting videos through TikTok.

TikTok has a program referral with which you can earn money if you manage to invite someone to become a user.

You can start building a reputation to get a lot of attention. Aside from going through the invitation to become Creator’s Content for this application is not a bad idea.

Diverse endorsements you can get. The amount of money from these activities cannot be underestimated at all.

To make it easier for you to withdraw money from the above Halal money-making applications, it is highly recommended to have a PayPal account or similar service provider, including a digital wallet.

If you are diligent, it is not impossible that you can collect large amounts of money through the above applications.


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