10 Best Xiaomi Theme Recommendations 2021 (MIUI 10 & 11)

Best Xiaomi themes – Of course, for you Xiaomi users, it is a must to use all the features available on Xiaomi phones, one of which is the theme selection feature. The interface of Xioami phones is that MIUI can always offer its users a wide variety of cool themes. Both old and latest versions of MIUI users can of course use the themes provided by Xiaomi.

For those of you Xiaomi users who don’t have a MIUI account, you should create a MIUI account right away so that you can later choose different kinds of Xiaomi’s best themes for free. Besides being able to use different types of themes for free, if you have a MIUI account, you can also enjoy various other benefits that MIUI offers.

In 2020, almost all Xioami brand phones have received the MIUI system update, namely MIUI 11. With this update, MIUI is getting friendlier to the Android 10 operating system, which is also getting friendlier with various features like DARK MODE. For Xiaomi users it is clear that updating to MIUI 11 is a must, since in this way you can enjoy a multitude of very good new features.

List of the best Xiaomi themes

You users of the latest Xiaomi phones will certainly be able to use MIUI 11, but for Mi fans of old Xiaomi phone users who haven’t received the latest MIUI update, that’s a different story. This time Click Print offers some interesting information for those of you who are looking for the best Xiaomi themes for your mobile phone. Here are some of the lists.

1. P4_Dark

Best Xiaomi themes

One of the most interesting themes that we recommend is a theme called P4_Dark. As the name suggests, this best Xiaomi theme is very friendly for Mi fans who like dark mode or dark mode. This theme also offers many advantages such as attractive widgets and wallpapers that can be replaced automatically.

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We ourselves have tried this one theme and it is very satisfactory, the settings menu and navigation will change. In addition, the appearance of some applications seems to change as well, such as B. Whatsapp, Youtube, IG applications and several other applications. This theme is also very friendly for those of you who like the look of the Google Pixel 4.

2. Same user interface

Best Xiaomi themes

The second theme we recommend is meme UI created by vikram that you may have known before. We recommend this one theme because this theme has a very unique design and of course it is different from the others. The icons alone in this theme look smoother and are very pleasing to look at.

When you use this one theme, you will also see several applications that change their appearance, such as: B. WhatsApp and several other system applications. You can use this one theme on MIUI 10 and also 11 but before that you have to download the file first with a size that is only 4MB only.

3. Neon Vers2 v11

Best Xiaomi themes

You may like the design of the best theme on this theme because it is very cool. This theme is called Neon Vers2 v11 created by constantine.

This Xiaomi theme has a very unique design starting with the icon image, the UI system and the navigation. From the inside, there doesn’t appear to be any non-system applications changing the icon’s appearance. You can download this theme which is only approx. 11MB only.

4. A UI 2.0 dark

Best Xiaomi themes

On this next list there is a theme called One UI 2.0 Dark whose design is an adaptation of the latest Samsung OS operating system One UI. But for the One UI 2.0 theme, this is a little different as it looks dark or what you usually know as dark. This topic was first created by S21696 who is the designer.

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There are many apps that will change their appearance when you use this theme, from system apps to non-system apps like WhatsApp. You can use this theme but first you need to download the file which is only 16.8MB only.

5. PUBG Mobile Erangel

Best Xiaomi themes

If you are a fan of a game called PUBG Mobile, maybe you will be satisfied with this one theme. This best Xiaomi theme is called PUBG Mobile Erangel created and shared by desity. You can also use this PUBG Mobile Erangel theme on MIUI 10 and MIUI 11.

From application icons to widgets to status bar, this theme has a design that is very suitable for PUBG Mobile players to use. You can only download this design file with one file size 33MB.

6. Pure MIUI 11

Best Xiaomi themes

This one theme may have a very simple name, but it looks pretty attractive. This latest Xiaomi theme is called Pure MIUI 11 designed by Good quality rice love.

You can use Pure MIUI 11 on MIUI 10 and MIUI 11. This Pure MIUI 11 theme looks very clean and the icon is slightly different from the original icon which has a much more elegant appearance. You can only download this theme file with a download size of 6MB.

7. Real black shark 2

Best Xiaomi themes

Perhaps if you are happy with how it looks on your Xiaomi Black Shark 2 phone then of course you will be happy with this one theme file too. Because it looks very similar from the application icon, navigation, system, status bar to the design.

This best Xiaomi theme is named Real Black Shark 2 designed by named person Rafael Heinrich who also designed the themes for iOS 13 BR and Elegant Pure. You can download this one design file with a download size of only 8MB only.

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8. Shipwhale

Best Xiaomi themes

This Xiaomi theme is called Shipwale and supposedly this theme has reached its 10th version and has a very unique appearance and a very cool design. Meanwhile, this one theme was designed by BEGALS who of course is also the owner of this topic.

This 10th version of Shipwale has a very cool and very smooth icon theme and other themes like SystemUI, widgets and very interesting applications. You can try this one theme but before that you need to download the file first with a download size of only 15MB only.


Best Xiaomi themes

Many say that this theme is a very popular and widely used MIUI theme because it looks almost similar to iOS but still different from iOS 13 BR. This Ubuntu theme was designed by Bruno Cortez.

This Ubuntu theme has very cool application icon theme, system ui and navigation. You can use this one theme on MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 by downloading it as usual.

10. Forever young

Best Xiaomi themes

Best Xiaomi theme named Young Forever shared by a designer with the name curiosity It has such complete functions. On top of that, this one theme also has a very cool look, starting with the pretty good icons.

This theme called Young Forever has its own boot animation and there are even many applications that change its appearance. You can of course use this unique theme on the latest MIUI 11 but you need to download it first with a file size of 12MB and 7MB (because there are 2 different versions).

These are the latest 10 best Xiaomi themes for MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 that we can offer. If you haven’t found a suitable theme for your mobile phone, you can immediately search for your Xiaomi phone’s theme menu.